Cheat Codes, Little Mix - Only You (Official Video)

Cheat Codes x Little Mix - Only You (Official Video)
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Dancing with your silhouette in the places that we met
Ooh, tryna find you in the moon
Paris never feels the same
When the streets all call your name
Ooh, so I hide in crowded rooms
And I'll follow right down the river
Where the ocean meets the sky
To you, to you
Once upon a time we had it all
Somewhere down the line we went and lost it
One brick at a time we watched it fall
I'm broken here tonight and darling no one else can fix me
Only you, only you
Oh no one else can fix me
Only you, only you, only you
And no one else can fix me
Only you, oh
Only you
Did I let go of your hand for a castle made of sand
Ooh, that fell into the blue
I went following the sun to be alone with everyone
Ooh, looking 'round a crowded room
And I'll follow right down the river
Where the ocean meets the sky
To you, to you
Once upon a time we had it all (we had it all)
Somewhere down the line we went and lost it (we went and lost it)
One brick at a time we watched it fall
I'm broken here tonight and darling no one else can fix me
Only you, only you
And no one else can fix me
Only you, only you (nobody else)
Only you
And no one else can fix me
Only you, oh
Only you
Falling, falling, yeah
Only you, only you
Only you, only you
And no one else can fix me
Only you (only you)
Only you (only you)
Only you (only you)
And no one else can fix me
Only you


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    For the 1% people reading this, I hope you become successful in your life..

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    november 2020 i discovered this song. and now i am pretty much obsessed. btw this final scene is heartbreaking

  4. Cássius Endrigo

    Cássius EndrigoHace 17 horas

    one of my favorite songs off LM5. btw stream Confetti ✨✨✨✨

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    when no one else can fix me only YOU

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    Me, trying to find this music video after forgetting the song and who sings it: Lesbian Mermaid Music Video

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    25490 people that don’t understand art

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    I don't know why this isn't more popular its actually a sick song. And it support LGBT+

  14. The Random Jack Show

    The Random Jack ShowHace un día

    Long story short when I hear those two words little Mix they make me automatically no matter what mood I’m in even if I was the most happy I’ve ever been they make me happier than I was before. Saying it once or 6000 times I will be happier with those two words spoken Little Mix. No one else can make me that way but them.

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    omg is that Peyton Listttttttt

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    Am I the only one feeling sick here?

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    soy yo o se parecen mucho a Taylor Swift yDiana Agron

  30. Adriana Villamayor

    Adriana VillamayorHace 3 días

    it’s me or they look like Taylor Swift and Diana Agron

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    Irish LevyHace 3 días

    can you translate it in english please?

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    Can we please have another Collaboration like this ,I love this song 😍

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    Why dear.... Love wins... So... 🤷‍♀️

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    Am I the one who thought of Life is Strange in a moment while listening to this?

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    @Moonlight Beast it gives. And by the way, I am more of a Pricefield shipper.

  43. Moonlight Beast

    Moonlight BeastHace 48 minutos

    @Bruno Al OMG this is so reletable... Surely it gives so many chills just to think of it! 😢 But I think that the amberprice scent is more evident just for that sense of nostalgia given by this song 🥺

  44. Bruno Al

    Bruno AlHace un hora

    You too ? When I listen to this song, all I can think of is 16 year old Chloe dancing with Rachel, and then magically switching into her 19 year old self dancing with Max.

  45. Crystal Taylor

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    You are the Only Person that can fix me! You Have The Magic puzzle piece that fits Me Perfectly! 🧩 🌈👭👩‍❤️‍👩🤗🥰😉

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  51. Coral F.V.

    Coral F.V.Hace 5 días

    I can't hear this BEAUTIFUL SONG because reminds me a someone who I loved so much, and now she's gone, sad

  52. Mehmet Cosar

    Mehmet CosarHace 6 días

    it's november 2020 and i only just now noticed the little mix poster at the beginning

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  54. Vitória Palomino

    Vitória PalominoHace 6 días

    (REBECCA CASHIN) Why doesn't this have a million likes? Reasons it should: 1. It supports the lgbt+ community 2. It supports the mermaid community (u forgot that) 3. It's a bop 4. It's Little Mix

  55. lina luna

    lina lunaHace 6 días

    here after no time for tears, still prefer this collab, only you should be appreciated more

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    *This song exist* The whole bi/pan/lesbians are shaking

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    Lucyb DaviesHace 7 días

    This record is everything to me, I mean my favorite LM song so far, it talks a lot, the lyrics are incredibly heart touching bro!

  61. Meeegan

    MeeeganHace 7 días

    Me watching this in 2018: Oh cool Me now: So yeah I am 🏳‍🌈gay🌈 and this is what I want

  62. One an Only Aman

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    This song don't match wid directory... But this song is perfect for you... If u got a broken heart!

  63. Alex N.

    Alex N.Hace 7 días

    I can’t believe I found this after all this time :( Honestly I’m only 14, but I know I’m part of the LGBTQIA+ community. My love and support for everyone

  64. Yahaira Rodriguez

    Yahaira RodriguezHace 7 días

    Alguna vez la chica que me gusta puso una historia en IG diciendo que le recomendaran canciones, le recomendé esta canción y comenzamos a platicar

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    @Mateus Santos Some stupid little Girl left it in the player

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    RIA XMARIAHace 10 días

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    This song is absolutely very beautiful and I'm in love with this music video thank you so much for making such a content. and Love always wins!✌🏻❤️ Want a second part 😀

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    @Jeffrey Valladares illegal

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    And why they can't kiss each other?

  103. سولطان سئيد

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    @Gaetano Russo If they can have children, they will get their rights

  104. Gaetano Russo

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    Shut up man. This is a video for lesbian RIGHTS.

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    This video is so underrated ❤️

  112. Hollagrl0999

    Hollagrl0999Hace 15 días

    This song and “Clover Cage - Lost Then Found” are the only two things keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better...We are in this together...I love you.

  113. Hey kids spelling is fun !!

    Hey kids spelling is fun !!Hace 15 días

    Stre3am to 60m

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    *GOAL VI3WS BEFORE 2020 ENDS* Woman Like Me - 285M Think About Us - 65M Only You - 65M Bounce Back - 50M Strip - 50M Wasabi - 30M More Than Words - 13M

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    I'm so glad that Little Mix is accepting and supporting the LGBTQ+!

  136. stream confetti

    stream confettiHace 4 días

    They have been for years 😊..the most memorable moment is when they sang sls2 in Dubai where being gay is illegal ❤️🏳️‍🌈 and also I'm educated bcoz of them

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