Little Mix - Get Weird Tour Diary (Newcastle Pt. 2)

Little Mix - Get Weird Tour Diary (Newcastle Pt. 2)
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  1. Mary Sountoulidou

    Mary SountoulidouHace 13 días

    Me Watching From Greece: 🌌👁💧👄💧👁🌌

  2. tini maceira

    tini maceiraHace 3 meses

    stream holiday

  3. Guymixerusa

    GuymixerusaHace 3 meses

    Is Paul still with them? After what 5 years after this was posted

  4. Noemie Mondou

    Noemie MondouHace 4 meses

    Pezz my queen 👑

  5. Noemie Mondou

    Noemie MondouHace 4 meses

    I love pezz 😍👑

  6. Lou Gourlay

    Lou GourlayHace 4 meses

    Perrie 💕💕💕

  7. Besara G

    Besara GHace 10 meses


  8. Lou Gourlay

    Lou GourlayHace 11 meses


  9. Spit me out like hot wasabi

    Spit me out like hot wasabiHace un año

    2019 anyone 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

  10. Zoe Timmings

    Zoe TimmingsHace 2 años

    I have watched this episode like 100000 times and I love the part when Perrie is talking to Paul I love little mix ❤️❤️

  11. Just A Person Named Lily

    Just A Person Named LilyHace 2 años

    1:55 Pez.. you have no sense of smell.. So I smell a lot of bull to the fact that you SMELL a lot of bull... (It’s a joke)

  12. Grace Fleming

    Grace FlemingHace 2 años


  13. A_ N_

    A_ N_Hace 2 años

    At 2:37 is it just me or that boy really look like zayn

  14. Selena Gomez My Queen

    Selena Gomez My QueenHace 2 años

    I love Little mix

  15. Guymixerusa

    GuymixerusaHace 2 años

    I love Little Mix when says Paul as Pool and I'd love to work with Little Mix one day

  16. Lara LMF

    Lara LMFHace 2 años

    Omg perrie I live youuuuuuuu!!

  17. ally.

    ally.Hace 2 años

    I miss when they had mini vlogs

  18. angelica celine

    angelica celineHace 2 años

    2018 anybody?

  19. destinymoonlight

    destinymoonlightHace 2 años

    Perrie: I smell a lot of bull SHE CANT SMELL ANYTHING

  20. Laura Iseni

    Laura IseniHace 2 años


  21. Clara Sabilao

    Clara SabilaoHace 2 años

    You're all adorable. Love you little mix

  22. Oxlade Edwards

    Oxlade EdwardsHace 2 años

    Jesy is soooo cuteeee ❤😍

  23. Sweetner Ari

    Sweetner AriHace 2 años

    Love this lol 😆

  24. ellie works

    ellie worksHace 2 años

    2:25 seriously if a person did that to me, even Perrie I'd hit her for real

  25. Boo

    BooHace 9 meses


  26. jades_ _sunshine

    jades_ _sunshineHace 2 años

    Perrie!! 💛💛 xxxxxxxxxx love her xxxxxxxxxx💛💛

  27. Matthias Greywood

    Matthias GreywoodHace 2 años

    “I don’t have a sense of smell” But “I smell a lot of bull” ahaha

  28. Tarryn Kennedy

    Tarryn KennedyHace 2 años

    I love when jesy say about been aunty and she say she can't wait to be tramp for 10 days. When pez interview paul and she ask him his favourite member of little mix and he say they all the same and she say I smell a lot bull Paul I smell a lot bull. Pez Geordie accent is brilliant. She say it cool to be honest.




  30. Estherisnowhere

    EstherisnowhereHace 3 años

    perrie when she comes off the harness her giggle is everything

  31. julia

    juliaHace 3 años

    Perrie:"i smell a lot of bull" Umm,perrie you don't have a sense of smell(joke)😂😂

  32. Stephanie Luzano

    Stephanie LuzanoHace 3 años

    Dearest God... if you let me watch Little Mix' live in concert in the nearest future. I swear You can take my life after that. Cuz that would mean I have lived it. Yep..please?🙏

  33. Hollie Westbury

    Hollie WestburyHace 3 años

    Really good! 😁

  34. Karlo Joaquin

    Karlo JoaquinHace 3 años

    i laughed when Perrie pushes the cup while he is still drinking

  35. Eliise Tüür

    Eliise TüürHace 3 años

    I'm still watcing this.And hoping for new tour soon!!🌈😍😍

  36. Little Mixer

    Little MixerHace 3 años

    They need to do tour diaries for Glory Days 😭

  37. Phoebe McLuskie

    Phoebe McLuskieHace 3 años

    "Not have hair and makeup on" when Jesy said that I was like, what you going to take your hair off or something?

  38. Clara hazin

    Clara hazinHace 3 años

    "I smell a lot of bull Paul, I smell a lot of bull" oh pez honey...

  39. K

    KHace 3 años

    The interview with Paul was amazingly hilarious. I wish I could work for them...they seem so fun to be around. Oh and how can Perrie smell bull 😂😂

  40. StarGirl Jade

    StarGirl JadeHace 3 años

    Perrie: Paul sit down now! Me: dead Jesy: giving Paul water Perrie: falling on him Me: R.I.P i laughed to much

  41. StarGirl Jade

    StarGirl JadeHace 3 años

    The interview was so lit😂

  42. Hannah Elizabeth Wilson

    Hannah Elizabeth WilsonHace 3 años

    Little Mix is everything because they are my favourite girlbabd when they have auditioned in XFactor . I love you Little Mix and stay safe journey back home.

  43. Annikaliu5 _

    Annikaliu5 _Hace 3 años

    I flinched when they went up in the air at 0:20 😬

  44. Shawnsmuffin

    ShawnsmuffinHace 3 años

    Perrie: "i smell a lot of bull" me: YOU CAN'T SMELL

  45. aquatic mixer

    aquatic mixerHace 3 años

    perrie:Paul sit down now ! perrie:PAUL SIT DOWN PLS!!!!! ME:😹😹😹😹

  46. Mariana Sanchez

    Mariana SanchezHace 3 años

    why not come to Mexico? why?!

  47. Taylor S

    Taylor SHace 3 años

    So proud to be in the mixer family. Pez was so hilarious in this. I bet I am not the only one wishing to be Paul. 😍😍😘😘😂😂

  48. Ifeoluwa Adedeji

    Ifeoluwa AdedejiHace 3 años

    Please, come to Nigeria.

  49. Brandi Townsend

    Brandi TownsendHace 3 años

    Look at perrie face on 2:21 she look like a cute little villain.

  50. Leo

    LeoHace 3 años

    Can't wait to see thEm at Newcastle for the glory days tour

  51. Jamal O'Brien

    Jamal O'BrienHace 3 años

    yesterday was the 24th April...where you at Paul?

  52. Angelica Orbista

    Angelica OrbistaHace 3 años

    2:00 but she cant smell 😂😂😂

  53. Krystal Cruz

    Krystal CruzHace 3 años

    PERRIIIIEEEE!! 😭😭😭 // LITTLE MIXXXX. i want to meet youuu all 😭💕😚 you know whenever i see your videos i am crying 😭😭😭

  54. Aimee Moore

    Aimee MooreHace 3 años

    Perrie: "I smell a lot of Bull!" Pezza, sweety, you don't have a sense of smell.

  55. Darla Amelia

    Darla AmeliaHace 3 años

    best part 3:18 them singing with mixers ❤

  56. Xena Oliver

    Xena OliverHace 3 años

    Perrie at 0.24 is me! 😂 Even when driving over a hill this happens! 😩

  57. caroline standhaven

    caroline standhavenHace 3 años

    I love you little mix

  58. Olivia Teah xoxo

    Olivia Teah xoxoHace 3 años

    I was there

  59. little mix xxx

    little mix xxxHace 3 años

    i thought he's zayn at 2:36 loooll

  60. Magdalini Manousaki

    Magdalini ManousakiHace 3 años

    subscribe to my uncle's channel Chris Sovislis He is the best photographer

  61. This Is America •

    This Is America •Hace 3 años

    Ending gave me chills

  62. Owrel Stylik

    Owrel StylikHace 3 años

    Im come form indonesia ... I love you so much , i won you come to indonesia pleasee ... Love you little mix 💕💕😘😘💕💕😘😘💕💕

  63. Amor Por Kapopi

    Amor Por KapopiHace 3 años

    Essa risada brasileira da Jesy 😁

  64. Maria Clara Cardoso

    Maria Clara CardosoHace 3 años

    little mix

  65. Maria Clara Cardoso

    Maria Clara CardosoHace 3 años

    I love you

  66. Jeneya Vass

    Jeneya VassHace 3 años

    I was at the tour

  67. Merve Demir

    Merve DemirHace 3 años

    Turkey needs Little Mix omg im crying 😭😭

  68. Denise Delgado

    Denise DelgadoHace 3 años

    Feb 2nd 💙 with Ariana Grande

  69. Bella & Maddie

    Bella & MaddieHace 3 años

    It's my birthday in February please make a tour for that month or somewhere after that I love you's xx

  70. Angelica Gamez

    Angelica GamezHace 3 años


  71. opie mogijenner

    opie mogijennerHace 3 años

    I don't know why i want to cry at the Wings part. I love them so much 😭

  72. Sergio Zavaleta

    Sergio ZavaletaHace 4 años

    I think we all wished we were paul.

  73. Aleyna Ulusoy

    Aleyna UlusoyHace 4 años

    Little Mix's live videos and covers on my channel! You should listen :)

  74. Rabia Ali

    Rabia AliHace 4 años

    Anyone saw the Nathan T-Shirt at 2:35?

  75. Rabia Ali

    Rabia AliHace 4 años


  76. Binta Baldeh

    Binta BaldehHace 4 años


  77. Wiktor Pięta

    Wiktor PiętaHace 4 años

    perries make up artits has to hate her for doing her contour like that

  78. DizneyLyrix - Lyric Videos

    DizneyLyrix - Lyric VideosHace 3 años

    It's stage makeup. The purpose of it is to be very strong/bold.

  79. Hasan Alev

    Hasan AlevHace 4 años


  80. İrem Şener

    İrem ŞenerHace 4 años

    they are slays as always..

  81. Crystal RYC

    Crystal RYCHace 4 años


  82. Jemimah Obasemo

    Jemimah ObasemoHace 4 años

    Little Mix need to be on the Ellen!😊😊😊😊 Anyone agree?

  83. Jemimah Obasemo

    Jemimah ObasemoHace 4 años

    Hugs Xoxo Yeah i know but again and I want them to perform on the Vs show I really want that to happen💕💓

  84. Hugs Xoxo

    Hugs XoxoHace 4 años

    Jemimah Obasemo they have and performed black magic 😊

  85. Mikayla Hall

    Mikayla HallHace 4 años

    Hi Little Mix this is Mikayla i love you girls sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much i want to go to your consets i have never be to your consts befor I'm 12 years old and i have love you beautiful girls for ever i rally want to met you girls and my favert song is shout out to my ex the song its the best.perrie you are my bff i love you soooooooo much . I live on 100 Scott and Faheys Road, Korumburra VIC 3950. pleace messag back. Love you girls lots xxxxxx From Mikayla Hall-Fox

  86. Alfie Matfin

    Alfie MatfinHace 4 años

    I love you

  87. iHeartBratayley

    iHeartBratayleyHace 4 años

    OMG Perrie's personality is hilarious 😂

  88. Jamie Wickham

    Jamie WickhamHace 4 años

    so happy to finally see them in the US

  89. moon sun

    moon sunHace 4 años

    I want this girls in Brás now

  90. moon sun

    moon sunHace 4 años


  91. moon sun

    moon sunHace 4 años


  92. moon sun

    moon sunHace 4 años

    wow wow

  93. moon sun

    moon sunHace 4 años


  94. Melanie Rubiolo

    Melanie RubioloHace 4 años

    i like your songs and today is my birthday

  95. Katiani Preato

    Katiani PreatoHace 4 años

    love love love😘😘😘😘

  96. minyoongi jjangjjangman bboongbboong

    minyoongi jjangjjangman bboongbboongHace 4 años

    the ending😭😭😭😭😭😭

  97. Little Mixer

    Little MixerHace 4 años

    I love you Jesy

  98. Little Mixer

    Little MixerHace 4 años


  99. Little Mixer

    Little MixerHace 4 años


  100. Fatima Gabriela Mendez Guerra

    Fatima Gabriela Mendez GuerraHace 4 años

    muy buenas sus canciones

  101. Danny Urbina

    Danny UrbinaHace 4 años

  102. Emir Ddm

    Emir DdmHace 4 años


  103. Dorimar Rivera

    Dorimar RiveraHace 4 años

    Come to Puerto Rico😭🙏

  104. Perrie Edwards fan

    Perrie Edwards fanHace 4 años

    I ❤️ all the girls humour their all really funny 👏👏👏💕💕💕

  105. Fatma

    FatmaHace 4 años