Little Mix - Glory Days: Platinum Edition Photoshoot (Behind The Scenes)

Behind the scenes of the Glory Days: The Platinum Edition photoshoot.
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Photographer: Ted Emmons


  1. julia ivanka

    julia ivankaHace un mes

    ❤️❤️💋♠【foto video】♠ ---------------------------- Leurs états de santé respectifs les empechent de s'approcher trop pres l'un de l'autre.??.

  2. Irish Levy

    Irish LevyHace un mes

    Perrie’s so beautiful in this photoshoot. She’s like a doll 😍😍

  3. Paul Brown

    Paul BrownHace 3 meses

    i love your new song ;ittle mix xxx

  4. La chaîne Linoucha et Mamoucha

    La chaîne Linoucha et MamouchaHace 4 meses

    Love you and i love all your songs🌺🌺

  5. Maladaptive Daydreaming

    Maladaptive DaydreamingHace 5 meses

    0:57 😹😹😹😹 Perrie ❤️😍

  6. Ian-b-gaming Cool

    Ian-b-gaming CoolHace 6 meses

    Her hair is so pretty

  7. Lou Gourlay

    Lou GourlayHace 7 meses

    There so beautiful I love you 😘

  8. Keri Agush

    Keri AgushHace 7 meses

    Dont misunderstand me but lm is the most beautiful girl group ever

  9. Lou Gourlay

    Lou GourlayHace 8 meses

    I love you 😘

  10. Maria Anover

    Maria AnoverHace 9 meses

    am a big big fan when i was 5 years old but now am 7 and i watch your videos every day i love you

  11. Leighcc

    LeighccHace 8 meses

    Your 7?

  12. mah

    mahHace 9 meses

    they all look so good 😍

  13. Ednna Bernardo

    Ednna BernardoHace un año

    Love you🎄🎶💲🎎

  14. papa berlianelizabethisaseri17 8295

    papa berlianelizabethisaseri17 8295Hace un año

    Ada tatonya

  15. القلب الابيض

    القلب الابيضHace un año

    يازقان ليش تتفصخان

  16. Emily

    EmilyHace un año

    They are so beautiful😍

  17. Clarinha Torres Nero Correia

    Clarinha Torres Nero CorreiaHace un año


  18. trouvaillx

    trouvaillxHace un año

    omg my friend has that black and white flamingo wallpaper in her room!!

  19. Aimees__ World

    Aimees__ WorldHace 2 años

    i love you

  20. Jamie-Leigh Robinson

    Jamie-Leigh RobinsonHace 2 años

    Hi 👋🏼

  21. Shahwar Durre

    Shahwar DurreHace 2 años

    So cool

  22. Ohemgeeitsclarebear X

    Ohemgeeitsclarebear XHace 2 años

    Our Kweens❤️❤️❤️

  23. Woman Like Leigh

    Woman Like LeighHace 2 años

    I Wonder If Little Mix Will Bring Back The Logos From The DNA Era? What Do You Think?

  24. Ann_ital

    Ann_italHace 2 años

    Love you guys 😚😙😗😍😘

  25. Pauleen Murillo

    Pauleen MurilloHace 2 años

    OMG they are sooooo beautiful and amazing love you so much

  26. castor troy

    castor troyHace 2 años

    You are the best and most the best singers

  27. XxNightzCattzxX

    XxNightzCattzxXHace 2 años

    Little fix has no originality, LITTLE FIX ARE NOT BETTER THAN LITTLE MIX

  28. Welcome to my Dreamworld

    Welcome to my DreamworldHace 2 años

    Tikaani Baxters BEST BAND EVER!!!!! Come to switzerland!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🇨🇭🇨🇭🇨🇭🇨🇭🇨🇭🇨🇭🇨🇭🇨🇭(In 2017 i missed it😭)

  29. Zak and Oscars Life

    Zak and Oscars LifeHace 2 años

    I can’t believe the Summer Hits Tour 2018

  30. Floris Marais

    Floris MaraisHace 2 años

    I love your songs I am your biggest fan

  31. The Music Box

    The Music BoxHace 2 años

    Wow! Really excellent! I am always amazed at how good your videos are! Feeling like it is time to get to work on my own channel as well. 😌

  32. Shivam Gaur

    Shivam GaurHace 2 años


  33. Tyler Vega

    Tyler VegaHace 2 años


  34. unicórnio Lokii

    unicórnio LokiiHace 2 años


  35. Sakthi Siva

    Sakthi SivaHace 2 años

    Omg soo excited

  36. Malvinka LIFE

    Malvinka LIFEHace 2 años

    Я одна тут русская???)

  37. Jim Downie

    Jim DownieHace 2 años

    Ur soooooo gooood

  38. Jim Downie

    Jim DownieHace 2 años


  39. Emma Dixon

    Emma DixonHace 2 años


  40. Sofy XD

    Sofy XDHace 2 años

    Jade and Perrie love them😍😍😍😍❤❤

  41. Ləə Knøw

    Ləə KnøwHace 2 años

    Omg so pretty girls

  42. Maria Rinta-Rahko

    Maria Rinta-RahkoHace 2 años

    We Love You Little Mix❤❤❤❤

  43. Lilian Wayua Nzwili

    Lilian Wayua NzwiliHace 2 años

    little mix we are waiting 4 ua new song 4 2018

  44. Exe Paulino

    Exe PaulinoHace 2 años

    or by God I love them they are my favorite singers I am Santy from Argentina I love them

  45. Bhuvaneswari bhuvaneswari

    Bhuvaneswari bhuvaneswariHace 2 años

    admit all are cute..... Jesy is cute and pretty......... but all are pretty................

  46. Lihi Cohen Grundland

    Lihi Cohen GrundlandHace 2 años


  47. ØØF_ ITS_ ICEY

    ØØF_ ITS_ ICEYHace 2 años

    Love ya guys sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😍😘😀

  48. Unicorn Daisy

    Unicorn DaisyHace 2 años

    Every time I see you I start to cry because I love you so much❤️💖😍😘💋😭😃😊

  49. Mj Malonzkie

    Mj MalonzkieHace 2 años

    So beautiful

  50. ballerina for life

    ballerina for lifeHace 2 años

    Yeah, that's are my girls

  51. ann Metcalfe

    ann MetcalfeHace 2 años

    @little mix

  52. Gillian Johnston

    Gillian JohnstonHace 2 años

    I love little mjx

  53. Gillian Johnston

    Gillian JohnstonHace 2 años

    I mean mix sorry

  54. Cosas De Dios

    Cosas De DiosHace 2 años

    QUEENS 😍❤👑👑👑👑

  55. Laer Jaey

    Laer JaeyHace 2 años

    Beautiful perrie

  56. ปลานิล เกล็ดทอง

    ปลานิล เกล็ดทองHace 2 años

    0:44 Is that Rihanna? lol just kiddinggg

  57. Daniel Furler

    Daniel FurlerHace 2 años

    Filha da Rihanna

  58. clockword crepy

    clockword crepyHace 2 años

    omg the queens beutiful

  59. Jvadee

    JvadeeHace 2 años

    I have the glory days album my favourite songs on it are shout out to my ex, touch, f.u, power, down and dirty.

  60. vhic S.

    vhic S.Hace 2 años

    Wow really gorgeos ladies!

  61. Taneka TheGamer

    Taneka TheGamerHace 2 años

    Uess there back x beauts❤️

  62. Juani Fernandez

    Juani FernandezHace 2 años

    Little mix new videi

  63. Diana G.H

    Diana G.HHace 2 años

    Power girl

  64. FreyahGaming

    FreyahGamingHace 2 años

    I got this version for Xmas!! I listen to it everyday!

  65. hannah cat

    hannah catHace 2 años

    When Leigh Ann blew a cheeky kiss at the end I kinda died x

  66. Allan Wallace

    Allan WallaceHace 2 años

    My sexy and gorgeous favourite girl band who i Love with all my heart

  67. Reason And Wishes

    Reason And WishesHace 2 años

    and perrie is beautiful

  68. Reason And Wishes

    Reason And WishesHace 2 años

    perrie is cool

  69. Raquel Djalo

    Raquel DjaloHace 2 años

    LOVE LITTLE MIX💜💜💜💜💞💞💞💞😍😍😍😍😍😍RAQUEL

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    Erenuzia SennnaHace 2 años

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    Layad NazhadHace 2 años

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  74. Lidia ponce arellano

    Lidia ponce arellanoHace 2 años

    Hola te quiero y te amo mucho

  75. Gaming With Rose

    Gaming With RoseHace 2 años

    All are my fave and u guys look beautiful

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    Summer WilsonHace 2 años

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    Skye SullivanHace 2 años

    Love the album girls👍

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    Ricardo VillegasHace 2 años

    No entiendo ni un carajo pero bueno 😆

  79. Ellie Rennie

    Ellie RennieHace 2 años

    I have that album and I cant wait to see you in july in hull!!!!! Im in the "gold" section apparently. 😄😄

  80. _cnco .chris_

    _cnco .chris_Hace 2 años


  81. Its Evie

    Its EvieHace 2 años

    Absolute queens

  82. Mark Houghton

    Mark HoughtonHace 2 años

    I got your platinum album for my birthday and you look amazing, I got tickets for your tour as well 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

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    ashe kpopHace 2 años

    there are back

  84. David Wright

    David WrightHace 2 años

    OMG I love you little mix I have all your albums posters you have made and love your annual 2018 I love your music can't wait for your next song

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    It's Georgia BairstowHace 2 años

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    Little LiarHace 2 años

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    jade mixHace 2 años

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    Fernanda MartinezHace 2 años

    Can you going to follow “ jesmindamexico “ on Instagram? It’s a account dedicated to Little Mix where you will find videos and photos of presentations and moments of the girls Thank you x ❤️

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    Steventadiwa NyalimweHace 2 años

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    James KehrHace 2 años

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