Little Mix - Holiday / Touch (Live from Little Mix The Search)

Music video by Little Mix performing Holiday / Touch (Live from Little Mix The Search). (C) 2020 Under Exclusive Licence to RCA, a division of Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited


  1. Isabel

    IsabelHace 17 horas

    Also I’m completely in love with the outfits they wear😍❤️

  2. Ellen Husen Hollingbery

    Ellen Husen HollingberyHace un día

    I hope they stay freinds forever. They have really helped me at my lows and I have been really insicure about my body and still am. But they have really given me som highs in the fact that I have loved my body at points where I listned to their music. And every time I don't listen to their music I find myself bodyshaming or hating on myself. But they make me feel so powerfull and I love and will always love them and their music forever. I send all my love to Jesy and the best of hopes for her and the girls. I know they won't read this but I just needed to say it beacuse I don't know if I will have the chance again. I am sorry if I was rude in any part of this comment it is in no way my intentions. I send love to everyone and also the haters and hope that they will love themself again at some point in their life but. I send love to every single person and no one is excluded from this. (I am danish and I am very sorry if i speeled anything wrong)

  3. Margo B

    Margo BHace 2 días

    ITS SO GOOD!!!!!!! They are such pros it’s amazing

  4. Klovers Penang

    Klovers PenangHace 2 días


  5. Aislynn Co 許依晶 3- 2

    Aislynn Co 許依晶 3- 2Hace 2 días

    *Mixers, please take this seriously.* Even if you are not a fan of these other bands this is very important. I am saying this as a fellow Mixer, Directioner and, Harmonizer. I am a Directioner and also a Harmonizer. So let's start with 1D. I am a Directioner and we Directioners did a VERY BIG MISTAKE. When Zayn left, we kept commenting "we miss Zayn" "we want Zayn Back" and those kind of stuff, and that is where we went wrong. Instead of supporting the boys, we were more focused on Zayn leaving or saying "not good with out Zayn". Then the band itself broke up. We did the same with Fifth Harmony and the same thing happened to Fifth Harmony after Camila left, they all went on a hiatus. We Mixers don't want their next album to be their last. Just like what happened to Fifth Harmony and 1D after one member left, they made a new album, toured for a little bit and then went on a hiatus. So please support these 3 angels and just accept the fact that Jesy left, and that they are now just a trio, well one of the best trios ever. *WE CAN'T LOOSE ANOTHER LEGENDARY BAND* You can copy and paste this comment and share it to others or on theirs other music videos. The aks for reading til the end ❤️

  6. Adrian Hernandez

    Adrian HernandezHace 2 días

    Anyway here after Perrie and Leigh-Anne is Pregnant?

  7. Manu Cucha

    Manu CuchaHace 2 días

    someone said crying so I came here

  8. Habiba Mohamed

    Habiba MohamedHace 2 días

    Jesy is the most effortless person i will ever see. Can’t wait to see her shine as a soloist ♥️

  9. Alfie Jackson

    Alfie JacksonHace 2 días

    She’s a natural born a star☺️

  10. Hannah Lyca Galvano

    Hannah Lyca GalvanoHace 3 días


  11. Kelly Jones

    Kelly JonesHace 3 días

    Jade and perrie are amazing

  12. wwe creative

    wwe creativeHace 2 días

    As well as Leigh and jesy

  13. Shainagibson makeup

    Shainagibson makeupHace 3 días

    Jesy absolutely killed the choreo in this!

  14. Nadia Moon

    Nadia MoonHace 3 días

    I miss jesy so much but I hope she's doing well. She'll always be a part of little mix. Thank you for the incredible 9 years

  15. cece white

    cece whiteHace 4 días

    They killed this and that's on period.

  16. do you know onionhayseo

    do you know onionhayseoHace 4 días


  17. KEENZxx

    KEENZxxHace 5 días

    Oh jesy 😞😞😞🥺

  18. Kareen Sangalang

    Kareen SangalangHace 5 días

    Jesys closing . As always :(


    DAFRIDHHace 8 días

    Because of this song I remember their song called "always be together".It was a long time ago and it meant deep

  20. Joshua Lopez

    Joshua LopezHace 9 días


  21. Jayson Makalintulad

    Jayson MakalintuladHace 10 días

    Jesy deserves to leave little mix. She was probably insecure of her weight

  22. Jayson Makalintulad

    Jayson MakalintuladHace 16 horas

    @Alfie Jackson ???????????????? wtf i meant it in a supportive way for jesy???????

  23. Alfie Jackson

    Alfie JacksonHace 2 días

    Clearly ur insecure talking on someone else

  24. Danzbantz 1

    Danzbantz 1Hace 5 días


  25. Skye Brown

    Skye BrownHace 10 días

    I hope Jesy had fun doing this

  26. bibi mimi

    bibi mimiHace 10 días

    I love jesy's voice. And how she dance while singing? So natural. All of them are unique in their own way though. I miss the 4 of them together. I think she'll build herself by doing solo soon. Stop comparing this 4 please. As what I've said, they're unique in their own way. O stan this 4.❤️

  27. The Mini Cutts

    The Mini CuttsHace 10 días

    This is one of my fav performances of theirs but it is quite clear that they are lip syncing most of it

  28. Danzbantz 1

    Danzbantz 1Hace 5 días

    They don’t hide the fact they don’t sing the choruses unsupported cause of the intense choreo lol

  29. Danzbantz 1

    Danzbantz 1Hace 5 días

    Lol it’s only the touch chorus

  30. Skye Brown

    Skye BrownHace 10 días

    They sing everything but the chorus you can hear their breaths everywhere else

  31. BobbyLennardGames

    BobbyLennardGamesHace 10 días

    The last performance as a 4


    BUTTERA NICKIHace 11 días

    Quenn ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  33. Erikka Juvonen

    Erikka JuvonenHace 11 días

    I watched Jesys documentary and it literally broke my heart..Her dreams came true and was in the biggest best girlband to come out one the last decade and dumb ass people talked shit and bullied her to the point to suicide it absolutely disgusting what people’s actions can do to rip ones world apart. People blabbing about others who do well for themselves and it’s hard work to do what these girls do..I could never do what they do cause I would not be able to handle the negativity that comes with fame..Jesy has so much talent and beauty those people wish they could have..I wish her all the best and hope when she readt to come back to music she will come back like a firecracker that she is..

  34. rock girl

    rock girlHace 12 días

    1:40 Perrie's note change

  35. rock girl

    rock girlHace 12 días

    QUUENS. They ate this performance. The vocals tho 😍

  36. Ruel Nalda

    Ruel NaldaHace 12 días

    jesy thank you for incredible 9 years i miss you🥺

  37. Jason Yun

    Jason YunHace 12 días

    Jesy, Thank u for the happiest year of my life

  38. Carole SM

    Carole SMHace 12 días

    They just get better and better. Leigh-Anne’s voice is so much stronger than it used to be too. She’s such a good all rounder now.

  39. confetti by rythmix

    confetti by rythmixHace 13 días

    i wonder if the girls already knew at this point

  40. Coco

    CocoHace 13 días


  41. Kate Medina

    Kate MedinaHace 13 días

    Watch their new single, Confetti here 😊:

  42. Anushka Daipuria

    Anushka DaipuriaHace 14 días

    Why this performance isn't famous man like seriously i am going to say this that blackpink is overrated, little mix deserves much better and more They literally are singing live and the voices are crazy They are not famous because of the promoting issue, idk why they do not do much promotion all over the world, they should go on tour in more western countries.

  43. confetti by rythmix

    confetti by rythmixHace 13 días


  44. confetti by rythmix

    confetti by rythmixHace 13 días


  45. Florencia Fusari

    Florencia FusariHace 14 días

    cuantos años tiene estas ya? que pasa que no se separan

  46. eternal classic

    eternal classicHace 8 días

    porque saben q literalmente la única que no se moriría de hambre es perrie

  47. micaela

    micaelaHace 8 días

    Y por q se tendrían q separar

  48. rlly_james_smh

    rlly_james_smhHace 14 días

    Perri is the evolved voice version of Perry I'm not gonna argue. 😶😶😶

  49. Nicola O’Connor

    Nicola O’ConnorHace 17 días

    And altogether you’re so good at singing

  50. Nicola O’Connor

    Nicola O’ConnorHace 17 días

    Jade you’re so good at singing

  51. Kakayi Sandra

    Kakayi SandraHace 17 días

    I believe jesy will make t in life, she gat a magical voice

  52. A.P. 2007

    A.P. 2007Hace 17 días

    In my opinion this is one of their best performences ever.

  53. Gabriel Quinquito

    Gabriel QuinquitoHace 18 días

    back when Mami Jes' last performance!! 🥺

  54. sal cruz

    sal cruzHace 19 días

    The way Jesy goes in hard in this... she’ll have no problem whatsoever being a solo artist! Girl is 🔥

  55. Jayaooh

    JayaoohHace 19 días

    Come on... Even up to the very last performance together they serve and served and served some more! Not just any old entree but fine cuisine serving! My hopes for a reunion down the line, everybody feels comfortable and gotten everything out of their system

  56. Regan Stewart

    Regan StewartHace 19 días

    Jesy is soo beautiful omg

  57. Tra dang 904 & Tram do& little mix tik tok fan

    Tra dang 904 & Tram do& little mix tik tok fanHace 20 días


  58. Charlotte

    CharlotteHace 21 un día

    I can't decide whether to see these girls live next year or not!

  59. Charlotte

    CharlotteHace 19 días

    @Marissa B I’ve booked now!

  60. Marissa B

    Marissa BHace 19 días

    YOU SHOULD, their performances are amazing

  61. Nenorro

    NenorroHace 21 un día

    😂😂😂 ridiculous

  62. Nenorro

    NenorroHace 19 días

    @Marissa B get yourself a dictionary.

  63. Marissa B

    Marissa BHace 19 días

    I know right, how ridiculously good this it ?!

  64. zoebot85

    zoebot85Hace 22 días

    Can you please put a studio version of this on Spotify!? 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  65. Miriam Schmitz

    Miriam SchmitzHace 22 días

    Jesy's voice was the best at the start.. Perfect

  66. Chuggeez _

    Chuggeez _Hace 23 días

    Never heard of this group, first time hearing them, Jesy & Perrie have some amazing vocals.

  67. Sierra Star

    Sierra StarHace 9 días

    Yess, they’ve both got the deep tones in the group. (Well Jesy did have)

  68. wwe creative

    wwe creativeHace 19 días

    @Gymnastics aloud not a psychopath perrie fan and lunatic jade hater trying to give others advice when they are a massive bully😂😂😂

  69. Gymnastics aloud

    Gymnastics aloudHace 19 días

    @wwe creative learn to respect a newbie's opinion hormonal teen

  70. wwe creative

    wwe creativeHace 19 días

    So do jade and Leigh Anne

  71. Ketiley Gabrieli

    Ketiley GabrieliHace 24 días

    ESdos poderia colocar uma opção pra traduzir os comentários 🥺

  72. Rosan

    RosanHace 24 días

    يجننون 💔💔

  73. maudee x

    maudee xHace 25 días

    Still breaks my heart 😢❤️

  74. Marissa B

    Marissa BHace 25 días

    the girls alllllll slayed so much

  75. Marissa B

    Marissa BHace 25 días

    can we please just talk about jade, thanks

  76. Harry Potter içerik

    Harry Potter içerikHace 26 días




    Last performance with jesy

  78. Emma Law

    Emma LawHace 27 días

    They came together when I was born

  79. Moopelwa Sepato

    Moopelwa SepatoHace 28 días

    Thank you Jesy❤️

  80. Sylva E-J

    Sylva E-JHace 28 días

    We all still love you, even though your not In the band!❤

  81. Adrian Hernandez

    Adrian HernandezHace 29 días

    This was there last Performance with Jesy but you know what this was one of there best so I’m glad Jesy was apart of this Performance. I miss her but she did Great!!

  82. John Rose

    John RoseHace 29 días

    I need to watch this at least once a week as life support. Thank you for this ❤️

  83. Guarionex Peña

    Guarionex PeñaHace un mes

    Pero la rubia no se movió vien en el vídeo ella se perdió miren el vídeo y observen

  84. Debra idehen

    Debra idehenHace un mes

    I have never liked orange so much

  85. Rachel Manzano

    Rachel ManzanoHace un mes

    the last ot4 performance :(

  86. Harry Style

    Harry StyleHace un mes

    Great Performance but what the hell they make perrie and leighanne waring

  87. Sierra Star

    Sierra StarHace 9 días

    I think perries looks great but I don’t understand the tights Leigh is wearing. She pulls it off though

  88. Δημητρα Στογιαννη

    Δημητρα ΣτογιαννηHace un mes

    STOP TALKING ABOUT JESY! We all know she left ok? Stop and fucus to this amazing and powerful trio they are now👑👑👑👑👑

  89. Corrina Pett

    Corrina PettHace 10 horas

    Its through bullying comments like this☝️why she left. Best of the four was bullied out....

  90. L W

    L WHace un día

    it’s understandable tho since this was their last performance together. this is the perfect comment section to talk about her

  91. Kola Sowande

    Kola SowandeHace un mes

    The both songs are good together ,infact it should be like thjs

  92. Alex Noori

    Alex NooriHace un mes

    Only mixers can feel the pain in this performance :)

  93. The Secrets

    The SecretsHace un mes

    Jesy made a choice and it was to leave so we must all remember Jesy:)

  94. Shen Takahashi

    Shen TakahashiHace un mes

    okay but Perrie though

  95. Bruno Semog

    Bruno SemogHace un mes

    ❤ 😢 Jesy Forever a Little mix

  96. SumTingWong

    SumTingWongHace un mes

    Jesy!! Once again, you slayed. Those curves girl are everything. Can’t wait to hear a single in the future!

  97. John Andrade

    John AndradeHace un mes

    Forever little mix ❤️😭

  98. hoppyhj

    hoppyhjHace un mes

    Jesy is just legit always her vocals are INSANE. She's just went legit fire from the min it started 🔥👌

  99. DDDeepikaaa

    DDDeepikaaaHace un mes

    This performance is THE standard and what Grammy's tried reaching

  100. Marissa B

    Marissa BHace 25 días

    for real, they’re really missing out on little mix

  101. Meme Carts

    Meme CartsHace un mes

    I really miss jesy

  102. Libby’s world

    Libby’s worldHace un mes

    Totally love this 🥰😍😘❤️

  103. Rhyzin Villaluna

    Rhyzin VillalunaHace un mes

    We'll miss jesy's stage presence and her energy 🥺🥺🥺

  104. Aaron Gabriel Geronimo

    Aaron Gabriel GeronimoHace un mes

    She was the first and the last one to sing in her last performance with them (holiday 1st verse, last adlib in touch) She's the first and last to appear in the sweet melody mv which is her last mv. She's also the first and last to have a part in that song which is her last mv, single (that was announced when she's still part), and her last number 1 with the girls.

  105. Billie Eilish Billie Eilish

    Billie Eilish Billie EilishHace un mes

    Cool dance

  106. Billie Eilish Billie Eilish

    Billie Eilish Billie EilishHace un mes

    Little mix L love you I i liked T????

  107. Billie Eilish Billie Eilish

    Billie Eilish Billie EilishHace un mes

    Jade cool

  108. Billie Eilish Billie Eilish

    Billie Eilish Billie EilishHace un mes

    My favorite band

  109. Athena Bucci

    Athena BucciHace un mes

    Everyone slayed in this performance, but can we all agree that Jade has an AMAZING vocal range?

  110. Аристократическая Бледность

    Аристократическая БледностьHace 18 días

    @Gymnastics aloud just as others you wanted to say? Listen to Jades’ vocals live to change your mind 😉

  111. Gymnastics aloud

    Gymnastics aloudHace un mes

    Yes but not as others

  112. Emily Vielka

    Emily VielkaHace un mes

    I realize that British entertainment have more creativity than USA entertainment

  113. jashyboo

    jashybooHace un mes

    They really enjoyed performing here it looks quite amazing. Their talent is undeniable they have transformed pop girl group and made it very catchy and cool again ❤️

  114. Kike M

    Kike MHace un mes

    Ugggh that styling 🥴🥴

  115. Shannon Watson

    Shannon WatsonHace un mes

    At this point I swear there must be a running joke in the wardrobe department over what the most ridiculous thing they can get them to wear is 😂

  116. Emer Gantley

    Emer GantleyHace un mes

    In a way, I'm so glad that this was their last performance as four, because they all slayed it. We're all going to miss Jesy so much, but I'm so glad that we got this epic performance 💕💕

  117. Adna Denekew

    Adna DenekewHace un mes

    Thank you Jesy for everything you have done for us these past 9 years we miss you so much but all we want for you is the best Love you Jesy

  118. aj TM

    aj TMHace un mes


  119. Zainab Rizvi

    Zainab RizviHace un mes


  120. Laiken Alys Nightsong

    Laiken Alys NightsongHace un mes

    I really miss jessie! She was the bad ass I aspire to be. Body goals. Amazing vocals. With a touch of badass. Made for amazingness

  121. Treasure SQUAD

    Treasure SQUADHace un mes

    Why does no one talk about Leigh anne

  122. Sierra Star

    Sierra StarHace 9 días

    Literally majority of the comment section and most comment sections are about Leigh… she’s a vocal queen and has been getting the attention she deserves for a few years now.

  123. Gymnastics aloud

    Gymnastics aloudHace un mes

    @wwe creative nawbitch

  124. wwe creative

    wwe creativeHace un mes

    @Gymnastics aloud good comeback😳😂 😴

  125. Gymnastics aloud

    Gymnastics aloudHace un mes

    @wwe creative okay leigh anne stan

  126. wwe creative

    wwe creativeHace un mes

    @Gymnastics aloud uh oh the petty perrie stan is here

  127. Stephen Anthony

    Stephen AnthonyHace un mes

    I love Little Mix so much. I've been listening to Confetti on repeat every day. I'm still not over Jesy leaving. 😥

  128. Lucas Mamedio

    Lucas MamedioHace un mes


  129. Lucas Mamedio

    Lucas MamedioHace un mes

    I love Touch

  130. Jake The Mixers

    Jake The MixersHace un mes

    Other member last performance: cried,singing balad and last speech Jesy at 2:35 chile lemme just dance for the last time

  131. Fp

    FpHace un mes

    Off topic but leigh annes control of her voice is amazing-

  132. wwe creative

    wwe creativeHace un mes

    Yes her control is amazing .

  133. Gymnastics aloud

    Gymnastics aloudHace un mes

    Not control its called sharpness❤