Little Mix - Hollister Roadtrip

Little Mix - Hollister Roadtrip
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Little Mix and Hollister partnered together to invite fans to join them for a special shopping spree and acoustic performance at Hollister stores in Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, and Phoenix.
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  1. Aloha.

    Aloha.Hace 5 meses

    0:20 what movie is that?

  2. K KKK t3in

    K KKK t3inHace 6 meses

    Just came back here to adore our queens❤ cuz they are amazing and beautiful in and out❤

  3. leni pri

    leni priHace 7 meses

    perrie showing all of her white shirts compilation

  4. just because

    just becauseHace 7 meses

    if majority of the fandom is girls u know it's a good girl group

  5. Keri Agush

    Keri AgushHace 8 meses

    I love how funny they are in live ,cuz on the songs they are hot af

  6. Julián Yam

    Julián YamHace un año

    Mexico ???:(

  7. Luna

    LunaHace un año

    I’m actually crying and I’m so upset because I really want to meet you girls and I’ve known you since 2011! I’m only 12😭 I have dreamed my whole entire life to meet you girls and I really want to make t come true, I REALLY NEED TO MEET YOU GIRLS, YOU JAVE HELPED MW THROUGH SO MANY HARD TIMES AND IT HURTS SO MUCH TO KNOW THAT I WONT MEET! I AM CRYING😭♥️ I love you girls so much♥️💕

  8. Amore Weasley

    Amore WeasleyHace un año

    Seeing the Mixers in the video fangirl was just absolutely sweet!

  9. Kailyn A.

    Kailyn A.Hace un año

    Who else thinks Perrie is amazing

  10. Angel Love

    Angel LoveHace 2 años

    That made me cry and yeah I was there

  11. Comments Lol

    Comments LolHace 2 años

    Hopefully they were going here again at the Philippines

  12. Lexi Maxine

    Lexi MaxineHace 2 años

    That moment when you thought that this was the only song of theirs that you haven't heard 😂😂😂

  13. Pickle O

    Pickle OHace 2 años

    Can you come to Devon

  14. hannah waterson

    hannah watersonHace 2 años

    Please come to Egypt little mix love you

  15. elsie 1206

    elsie 1206Hace 2 años

    Can they please do another competition like this 😫😖😤

  16. Daku Hall

    Daku HallHace 3 años

    I 💖 Them so much, 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  17. Mickey Mouse

    Mickey MouseHace 3 años

    So amazing 😍

  18. 1D worthhh

    1D worthhhHace 3 años

    i hope i get a chance to meet and shopping with them 😭

  19. johnrey montejar

    johnrey montejarHace 3 años

    oohh..i want to met the Little Mix but i cant because im here in the Philippines ive never met him before since last year or how many years...cry....please help me.....

  20. Aimee Carey

    Aimee CareyHace 3 años

    @littlemixvevo can you do one in manchester

  21. 위은경

    위은경Hace 3 años

    What a adorable girls!! I love them

  22. Stephanie Luzano

    Stephanie LuzanoHace 3 años

    that girl crying is SO me.

  23. Blood Lines

    Blood LinesHace 3 años

    Perrie sooo beautiful ....

  24. Lexa Dollente

    Lexa DollenteHace 3 años

    Waaaaah, i envy those fans. 😭 i wish i could see little mix too. 😭

  25. Nobody

    NobodyHace 3 años

    I miss this

  26. KaykayHunna

    KaykayHunnaHace 3 años

    Saw the comments number 666....... I had to change it

  27. K

    KHace 3 años

    Leigh was so cute with the fan at 2:31. And Leighade taped together is everything. And that Lerrie moment at 0:21 (Perrie knew what Leigh was gonna do and did the exact same motions as her)

  28. bahah haha

    bahah hahaHace 3 años

    their so cute 😭😍

  29. bahah haha

    bahah hahaHace 3 años

    900k views 🙌1milli next !#!

  30. irem keskin

    irem keskinHace 3 años

    onları görmek vardı 💓

  31. 《 salmon 》

    《 salmon 》Hace 3 años

    It's funny to think that one of those girls could be one of those hardcore mixers who get butthurt when little mix gets teased a tiny bit.

  32. Big Mixer

    Big MixerHace 3 años

    3:42 is me everytime I hear little mix and do throwbacks

  33. Rawaan93

    Rawaan93Hace 3 años

    The CEO of Hollister is known for fat shaming people. I don't understand why Little Mix would want to associate themselves with this disgusting company.

  34. 2t2 Chrome

    2t2 ChromeHace 3 años

    I could not stop smiling while watching this

  35. Perrie fied

    Perrie fiedHace 3 años


  36. Ashanti Pauline

    Ashanti PaulineHace 3 años

    Wow how I wish they come here in our country

  37. Dany Rodríguez

    Dany RodríguezHace 3 años

    Ya me acuerdo de esas frases de let's go shopping que las vo en la película de White Chicks (Pollitas Blancyas) llamada en Hispanoamérica ¿Y dónde están las rubias?.

  38. mari colovine

    mari colovineHace 3 años

    y love you

  39. Un noticed

    Un noticedHace 4 años

    jadey such a cutie 😍

  40. Amanda Beatriz

    Amanda BeatrizHace 4 años

    Go and Brasil for tanks

  41. Hala Nahfawi

    Hala NahfawiHace 4 años

    I thought its a music video😂😂😂👌

  42. Hala Nahfawi

    Hala NahfawiHace 3 años

    Taylor Lawrenson :P

  43. Diamond TJ101

    Diamond TJ101Hace 3 años

    Hala Nahfawi 😂 😂 lol

  44. Hala Nahfawi

    Hala NahfawiHace 3 años

    Taylor Lawrenson Lol😹

  45. Diamond TJ101

    Diamond TJ101Hace 3 años

    Hala Nahfawi me too

  46. Aldrin Glen Gumandoy

    Aldrin Glen GumandoyHace 4 años

    3:19 omfg Normani?

  47. Hala Nahfawi

    Hala NahfawiHace 4 años

    Aldrin Glen Gumandoy 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Tf dude No

  48. Sadiyah

    SadiyahHace 4 años


  49. Sadiyah

    SadiyahHace 3 años

    Taylor Lawrenson I wish I was you!!!!!

  50. Diamond TJ101

    Diamond TJ101Hace 3 años

    Sadiyah Nagdi I ❤️ them too but I'm going to see them in 2 weeks

  51. manon boccalatte

    manon boccalatteHace 4 años

    avec la chanson d'Ari dans le magasin

  52. Smiley Hearts

    Smiley HeartsHace 4 años

    Omg I'd cry too if I met them

  53. Shayne Montezon

    Shayne MontezonHace 4 años

    Little Mix is The BEST💓

  54. Emily Leaver

    Emily LeaverHace 4 años

    does anyone realise how tall jade was at the start

  55. hk

    hkHace 3 meses

    Diksha Mawri No, Perrie is actually the tallest of the group, Leigh and Jesy wear heels that makes them look tall.

  56. Diksha Mawri

    Diksha MawriHace 2 años

    G Bace Ontald yeah! They all are almost of same heights. Perrie is the shortest while jesy or leigh are the tall one.

  57. DanVaz

    DanVazHace 4 años

    Are they Australian?

  58. pink sheep fan

    pink sheep fanHace 4 años

    I feel like little mix is a copy of fifth harmony just saying

  59. Tuğba Gül

    Tuğba GülHace 4 años

    Please come to Turkey

  60. negrini Douaa

    negrini DouaaHace 4 años

    I love little mix and I am from tunise

  61. Jemimah Obasemo

    Jemimah ObasemoHace 4 años

    I love Perrie and Leigh Anne are my favourites💋

  62. Juené

    JuenéHace 4 años

    Can someone who disliked this video please tell me why you disliked it



    come to thailand please. 😂

  64. cisse Sibi

    cisse SibiHace 4 años

    Little mix l when to go

  65. Juliana E Lucas

    Juliana E LucasHace 4 años

    y. love you💓💓💓

  66. Juliana Ogbeama

    Juliana OgbeamaHace 4 años

    I love little mix!!!

  67. Little Mix Mixer

    Little Mix MixerHace 4 años

    did you noticed thar leigh is so cute in 00:14?

  68. Emelia Lonergan

    Emelia LonerganHace un año

    *cough cough* Leigh is so cute from 0:00 to 4:12!

  69. Sami ___

    Sami ___Hace 4 años

    Please come to Finland! Please ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ I love you little mix! XX

  70. Devina S

    Devina SHace 4 años

    This is the reason why I think I'm not gonna meet them: Live in Indonesia My dad wouldn't let me I'm not confident enough

  71. Devina S

    Devina SHace 4 años

    +ReynaPur ikr :(

  72. Reyna Purnama

    Reyna PurnamaHace 4 años

    my mom will let me, but i never heard they're coming to indonesia :(

  73. llukiinhas oliveira

    llukiinhas oliveiraHace 4 años

    algum brasileiro q ama elas 😍?

  74. Safa Ahmed

    Safa AhmedHace 4 años


  75. Elennior Dela Peña

    Elennior Dela PeñaHace 4 años

    Little Mix is Literally the Sweetest 😍

  76. Mellisa Nguyen

    Mellisa NguyenHace 4 años

    Little mix should make a Vlog channel.

  77. Omar Andrés Espino Borda

    Omar Andrés Espino BordaHace 3 años

    Mellisa Nguyen They have it

  78. amanda moira

    amanda moiraHace 4 años


  79. Jessica Stuart

    Jessica StuartHace 4 años

    I know its not mentioned in this video, but thank you for coming to Reno Nevada! I got to meet my beautiful idols. hopefully i get to see you again

  80. Grace Johnson

    Grace JohnsonHace 4 años

    Come to England

  81. uzma baz

    uzma bazHace 4 años

    they're from england lol

  82. Nicole Reyes

    Nicole ReyesHace 4 años

    i was crying i wish i was there too shoping with little mix omg if that will happen to mah life omg!!!!

  83. Nicole Reyes

    Nicole ReyesHace 4 años

    theyre accent s are killing me awsome

  84. Elena Vega

    Elena VegaHace 4 años

    They are so sweet doing that for their fans

  85. Abbie Morgan

    Abbie MorganHace 4 años

    Those disliking are making a huge mistake I'm a true mixer xx

  86. Romina Perez

    Romina PerezHace 4 años

    one question ..I live in Arizona ...WHEN DID U GI THERE I NEVER GOT NOTIFIED

  87. Jack Byrne

    Jack ByrneHace 4 años

    Lol so cool I love little mix

  88. BOBA M I K H A E L L A

    BOBA M I K H A E L L AHace 4 años

    i love you little mix

  89. Jordana Chaya

    Jordana ChayaHace 4 años

    Oh cute the extra from the Black Magic vid was at the LA shop and he waved to them.

  90. Fernanda Nava

    Fernanda NavaHace 4 años

    please come to MEXICO

  91. Majda Moustaid

    Majda MoustaidHace 4 años

    venganse a españa pendejas

  92. mariah holden

    mariah holdenHace 4 años

    There true beauty. I love them all and they are all so kind to there fans. 💖💜✨✨💜💖💖

  93. Bonnie Lennox

    Bonnie LennoxHace 4 años

    I love that they're a real group of besties.

  94. Nurul Natasha

    Nurul NatashaHace 4 años

    Plz go to Singapore

  95. Kiki Papadopoulos

    Kiki PapadopoulosHace 4 años

    I wish to shop with them one day too

  96. Dayeon Lee

    Dayeon LeeHace 4 años

    beautiful xx best girl group ever

  97. SAYEGH rachel

    SAYEGH rachelHace 4 años


  98. nabila sekar

    nabila sekarHace 4 años

    come to indonesiaa!!! pleasee

  99. Mubin Noor

    Mubin NoorHace 4 años

    "And we're gonna go... SHOPPING!!" Lol ♥

  100. TatjanadeGraaf

    TatjanadeGraafHace 4 años

    if i would meet them it would probably ending with me in the hospital i would pop my ankle out of place anyways it happens all the time

  101. omqhaithur

    omqhaithurHace 4 años

    If I was meeting little mix I would be like: 😳☺️😆😘😍😅😱😭😹

  102. Libb Y

    Libb YHace 4 años

    I love you guys

  103. Libb Y

    Libb YHace 4 años

    Do you live In amrica because I am going and I want to see you

  104. Saima Hussain

    Saima HussainHace 4 años

    jade is perfect

  105. Moonlight Bae

    Moonlight BaeHace 4 años

    What song is playing in 1:12

  106. KaitlinMaree

    KaitlinMareeHace 4 años

    When you see yourself

  107. itsyourlifexd

    itsyourlifexdHace 4 años

    wow ♥-♥

  108. Nicole Hernanadez

    Nicole HernanadezHace 4 años

    You guys are my favorite singer

  109. Nicole Hernanadez

    Nicole HernanadezHace 4 años

    Love you you guys so much

  110. grace m

    grace mHace 4 años

    this is so cute I love little mix so much and I hope I get a chance like that one day

  111. Mónica Vazquez

    Mónica VazquezHace 4 años

    Por qué bloquearon el vídeo de Secret love song, en México????

  112. Tatiana Encinas

    Tatiana EncinasHace 4 años

    I could have been in this if I wasn't forced to give away my M&G passes. 💔💔💔

  113. Slalah Slalalal

    Slalah SlalalalHace 4 años

    why not me just why 😢

  114. Mahek Thanki

    Mahek ThankiHace 4 años

    Luv you guys no matter what you do

  115. Mlp Rainbow Ametisth Channel

    Mlp Rainbow Ametisth ChannelHace 4 años

    In sottofondo cera ariana grande adore!! I love u little mix😘😘😘