Little Mix - Secret Love Song (Live from Little Mix The Search)

Music video by Little Mix performing Secret Love Song (Live from Little Mix The Search). (C) 2020 Under Exclusive Licence to RCA, a division of Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited


  1. Wesley Lima

    Wesley LimaHace 4 horas

    Eu vou ficar velho e ainda irei morrer de chorar toda vez que ver uma performance dessa música. Deusas demais

  2. Thea Ross

    Thea RossHace 6 horas

    I mean... the fact that this is LIVE!!! These girls deserve more credit, this is the greatest vocal performance EVER

  3. jamiedavy_

    jamiedavy_Hace 11 horas

    Best Little Mix Live Performance to date

  4. Helen M

    Helen MHace 12 horas

    holly molly

  5. Jimin Park

    Jimin ParkHace 14 horas

    Who’s sobbing w me ?✨😭

  6. Priya Sandhu Jatt

    Priya Sandhu JattHace 14 horas

    Miss Jesy!

  7. Yiğit Batık

    Yiğit BatıkHace 17 horas

    Leigh She attacc She protecc But most impotıntly she wants her belts bacc

  8. Keto Music Lover

    Keto Music LoverHace 19 horas

    Damn this is amazing

  9. jakobus mooy

    jakobus mooyHace 19 horas

    It's so different without Jessy, please comeback jessy

  10. 24. Miracle Berlian Titaley

    24. Miracle Berlian TitaleyHace 23 horas

    Selenators here for supporting other Queens

  11. 24. Miracle Berlian Titaley

    24. Miracle Berlian TitaleyHace 23 horas

    Perrie's hair 😍

  12. 24. Miracle Berlian Titaley

    24. Miracle Berlian TitaleyHace 23 horas


  13. Joleen Costa

    Joleen CostaHace un día


  14. Jennierubyjane

    JennierubyjaneHace un día

    this is so precious omgggg

  15. Lempho Mwangala

    Lempho MwangalaHace un día

    What a beautiful performance 👌

  16. Aarón Gil

    Aarón GilHace un día

    F L A W L E S S

  17. Samira Oliveira

    Samira OliveiraHace un día


  18. Yohanes Alda

    Yohanes AldaHace un día

    Best sls performance hands down

  19. -Amber-

    -Amber-Hace un día

    We will all miss Jesy..💖💖 👉🏻👈🏻🥺

  20. Shiloh Hunte

    Shiloh HunteHace un día

    Perrie 🔥🔥🔥

  21. Tatawii Tochhong

    Tatawii TochhongHace un día

    Jesy we miss u😭

  22. TXM Official

    TXM OfficialHace 2 días

    My heart is bout to crack

  23. zelda Dishman

    zelda DishmanHace 2 días

    LeighAnne’s part is what keeps bringing me back to this video

  24. Amanda Mendes

    Amanda MendesHace 2 días

    what a emotional performance 🥺

  25. Jeva Athena

    Jeva AthenaHace 2 días

    we love u sm queens❤

  26. Anu Nabam

    Anu NabamHace 2 días

    Right now my tears is bursting out 😭😭😭 I'm gonna miss jesy a lot 😭😭

  27. Zeer Emmy

    Zeer EmmyHace 2 días

    My eyes got teary 😢

  28. NoName

    NoNameHace 2 días

    They say Little Mix only have people as fans. Like if you're a potato.

  29. Samara Sousa

    Samara SousaHace 3 días

    essa música...♥️

  30. Tresslyn Froehlich

    Tresslyn FroehlichHace 3 días

    Imagine Miley Cyrus singing this.....

  31. Timothee

    TimotheeHace 3 días

    You make me sad

  32. J

    JHace 3 días

    I never really listened to Little Mix but WOW! They can sing!!

  33. Rageshree

    RageshreeHace 12 horas

    @J oh yeah I've heard of some their names are not to be mentioned lol Anyways, keep listening to Little Mix:)

  34. J

    JHace un día

    ​@Rageshree cos some singers can't sing well live.. not sure if you knew!

  35. Rageshree

    RageshreeHace 2 días

    They're singers lmao of course they can sing, what did you expect?😂

  36. João Marcos Santos

    João Marcos SantosHace 3 días

    Leigh's vocal evolution is huge!

  37. Lerone Souvenir

    Lerone SouvenirHace 3 días

    I see everyone is saying its not the same and it will never be as good without jess. Keep this up and the other three girl will suffer. Industry and label will lose faith and they will fade away. Forget jess and focus on them.

  38. Rach —

    Rach —Hace 3 días

    Little Mix Watch Party When: Feb 28 Time: 3PM GMT Playlist: I hope you'll join! Help me spread this around!

  39. Alvin Peralta

    Alvin PeraltaHace 3 días


  40. Alvin Peralta

    Alvin PeraltaHace 3 días


  41. Alvin Peralta

    Alvin PeraltaHace 3 días


  42. Alvin Peralta

    Alvin PeraltaHace 3 días


  43. Alvin Peralta

    Alvin PeraltaHace 3 días


  44. Alvin Peralta

    Alvin PeraltaHace 3 días


  45. Alvin Peralta

    Alvin PeraltaHace 3 días


  46. D pt 4

    D pt 4Hace 3 días



    BAD_VIBES XXXHace 3 días

    When they separate, the only one who is going to excel in the music industry is going to be Perrie, the rest she sings well but they are not a big deal meh

  48. pati xx

    pati xxHace 2 días

    What? They are all incredibly talented and could be huge on their own but I don't think they're gonna separate.

  49. Michael Livingstone

    Michael LivingstoneHace 3 días

    Beautiful. Not the same withoutJessy

  50. mika

    mikaHace 3 días

    im sorry to say this but i think i really miss jesy 😔

  51. Ara Belle

    Ara BelleHace 3 días

    Just three of them!!!😢😢😭😭😭😭 we miss you Jesy. love you all lil mix😘😘😘

  52. meanie kim alexxa

    meanie kim alexxaHace 3 días

    Cant hold myself back thinking abt jessi and my tears

  53. Maja Wojciechowska

    Maja WojciechowskaHace 3 días

    why did jesy leave?

  54. Aneliz

    AnelizHace 3 días

    She said being in a girl group was mentally hard because she would always be compared to the other girls

  55. Mariah Wilson

    Mariah WilsonHace 3 días

    were is jesy

  56. ivan Maldonado oficial

    ivan Maldonado oficialHace 3 días

    Is so weird listen this without Jesy

  57. esra

    esraHace 3 días

    The biggest girl group in the world😍

  58. Afomiya Bahre

    Afomiya BahreHace 2 días


  59. Lena Pri

    Lena PriHace 3 días

    it sounds so good it could count as a rerecording and it's freakin LIVE!!

  60. Ymanuelle theo santiago

    Ymanuelle theo santiagoHace 3 días

    The people who disliked need a covid test, because they have no taste

  61. JG Moonlight

    JG MoonlightHace 3 días


  62. KiwiLand UwU

    KiwiLand UwUHace 4 días

    Their voices are so beautiful🥺💛

  63. KiwiLand UwU

    KiwiLand UwUHace 4 días


  64. Destiny Diaries

    Destiny DiariesHace 4 días

    I keep replaying this and I get chills every single time. This is easily one of their best performances ever!! ✨

  65. Hữu Đăng Khoa Lê

    Hữu Đăng Khoa LêHace 4 días

    Sounds like a bless to my ears tbh

  66. Jaime Irigoyen Durán

    Jaime Irigoyen DuránHace 4 días

    You know you have a big problem, when you come here like 100 times at day 🥺

  67. Kathleen Fuery

    Kathleen FueryHace 4 días

    They should of performance this on the MTV or any award show, show everyone their talent

  68. Marissa B

    Marissa BHace 4 días

    jade sings with such so much emotion, this is beautiful

  69. Marissa B

    Marissa BHace 4 días

    Perrie who just nails all her notes, Leigh-Anne PURE VOCAL PERFECTION AND JADE... OMG I DONT KNOW WHERE TO STart ... so beautiful and so much emotion

  70. Marissa B

    Marissa BHace 4 días

    best. little. mix. performance. EVER.

  71. Geoff Hassett

    Geoff HassettHace 4 días

    Petrie blew them out of water wow

  72. Phyo Thiri

    Phyo ThiriHace 4 días

    I love all your songs😇

  73. Phyo Thiri

    Phyo ThiriHace 4 días

    I am your biggest fan

  74. Olivia Benson

    Olivia BensonHace 4 días

    Perrie?? I think i'm becoming a stan

  75. nasional eyewear17

    nasional eyewear17Hace 4 días

    the midle is the best ...uih..

  76. Gymnastics aloud

    Gymnastics aloudHace 9 horas

    Her name is perrie edwards❤

  77. Ikay Mallorca

    Ikay MallorcaHace 4 días

    JESY T_T

  78. Vanini Chhabra

    Vanini ChhabraHace 4 días

    It's not the same without Jess! No matter what you say!! It's beautiful but it's incomplete!

  79. Jaime Irigoyen Durán

    Jaime Irigoyen DuránHace 5 días

    I come here every night before to sleep 🥺

  80. Shay Hawk

    Shay HawkHace 5 días

    Leigh Anne is so underrated, I love them all so much but we need to discuss Leigh Anne’s power it’s so beautiful 😍

  81. DOCTORJK West

    DOCTORJK WestHace 5 días

    I miss jesy😢

  82. arianators

    arianatorsHace 5 días

    we love you jesy!

  83. Storm Tyler

    Storm TylerHace 5 días

    they're alll so talented

  84. Maycon Borges

    Maycon BorgesHace 5 días


  85. Blizzard Sky

    Blizzard SkyHace 5 días

    I need this version on Spotify!

  86. knowknow

    knowknowHace 5 días

    wow little mix. love it perrie so powerful Actually all of you.

  87. Abbey lowrey

    Abbey lowreyHace 5 días


  88. upashna limbu

    upashna limbuHace 5 días

    is this what heaven sounds like 😇❤

  89. Kpop Edits

    Kpop EditsHace 5 días

    565 dislikes are deaf people

  90. Kpop Edits

    Kpop EditsHace 5 días

    i keep coming back to this, such eargasm. HEAVENLY

  91. Monica revilla

    Monica revillaHace 6 días

    Little mis is not little mix without Jesy ☹

  92. Yael Shukrun

    Yael ShukrunHace 6 días

    Larry 😭😭

  93. Jack O Donovan

    Jack O DonovanHace 6 días

    Leighanne's voice has improved so much since they were on x factor

  94. Rofi Uddin

    Rofi UddinHace 6 días

    Damn so beatifulll

  95. cece white

    cece whiteHace 6 días

    i love this song and them.#carlos ortega you right but it still will be good with the three of them.

  96. jeena chanu

    jeena chanuHace 6 días

    What a beautiful song. What a beautiful voices

  97. Keate Enriquez

    Keate EnriquezHace 6 días

    Wooowww. Great voicess

  98. Keira Lewis

    Keira LewisHace 6 días

    where is nikki?

  99. pati xx

    pati xxHace 2 días

    Who's Nikki?

  100. Βικτωρια Ζιβιτς

    Βικτωρια ΖιβιτςHace 6 días

    Keep going girls we love you ❤️

  101. Choobhaloob PlayS

    Choobhaloob PlaySHace 6 días

    u have my heart pls

  102. Choobhaloob PlayS

    Choobhaloob PlaySHace 6 días

    would never get old I swear it always is like listening for the very first time

  103. Hind LM

    Hind LMHace 6 días

    😭😭 LIttIe Mixx

  104. Neidy D

    Neidy DHace 6 días

    Wonderful ❤️

  105. John Dexter Pangillinan

    John Dexter PangillinanHace 7 días


  106. EsadiLLa Marie

    EsadiLLa MarieHace 7 días

    Much Love from Indonesia...

  107. Sally E

    Sally EHace 7 días

    I actually can't believe how underrated little mix is, I feel like by now they should at least have a Grammy nomination

  108. ken how bout da

    ken how bout daHace 7 días

    I feel so sad knowing that Jesy gave it her all throughout the whole time that she was with little mix... yet some hateful people got to her with their negative comments. Jesy kept inspiring me to be a strong person. Even after her documentary she kept pushing through eventho she still was so insecure. Her leaving is the best decision for her and tells us all to always listen to yourself. She is and forever will be my icon.

  109. Tania Brown

    Tania BrownHace 7 días

    What group makes their original more amazing? This group right here 🙂