Little Mix - Shout Out to My Ex (Acoustic - Live from The Today Show)

Music video by Little Mix performing Shout Out to My Ex. (C) 2017 Simco Limited under exclusive license to Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited


  1. ginny sweetheart

    ginny sweetheartHace 3 meses

    Their vocals are amazing!!

  2. Hannah Eckman

    Hannah EckmanHace 8 meses

    You all were so relax and and calm and you all did great I’m so proud of you all I love ❤️ how far you have come

  3. doesitmatter

    doesitmatterHace 9 meses

    The host that's fangirling to Jesy though 3:57

  4. China Smith

    China SmithHace 2 años


  5. tara aaron

    tara aaronHace 2 años

    Perrie is the literal cutest 😭💞

  6. Tyekia Williams

    Tyekia WilliamsHace 2 años

    Love that song

  7. dmxyyy *

    dmxyyy *Hace 2 años

    0:51 that girl was like *gasp*

  8. 1Love2Live3Laugh

    1Love2Live3LaughHace 2 años

    I wish they had more recognition in the US. They really deserve it. Hopefully LM5 will do that for them.

  9. Michael Hayek

    Michael HayekHace 2 años

    I freaking love these girls!! They are so flawless!!!!! AHHH!! I posted a video of a cover of this song because I love this song so much and I love them so much!!!!!!

  10. Michael Hayek

    Michael HayekHace 2 años

    Gracie MSP I agree!! If I met them. My whole life would be complete!!!!

  11. Yasmin Hernandez

    Yasmin HernandezHace 2 años

    my wiig is gone!!!

  12. Melody Chang

    Melody ChangHace 2 años

    Wait there is a guitar

  13. little_mix_perrie wings

    little_mix_perrie wingsHace 2 años

    I love little mix

  14. little_mix_perrie wings

    little_mix_perrie wingsHace 2 años

    Perrie look so gorgeous

  15. Cummins13

    Cummins13Hace 2 años

    They're all beautiful and sing beautifully but I can't get over Perrie in particular 😍😍

  16. Wesley Prewitt Martinez

    Wesley Prewitt MartinezHace 3 años

    Love the song but, didn't anybody notice most of the people in the front stage are all women

  17. crystal ramirez

    crystal ramirezHace 3 años

    Leigh Annes style is everything

  18. Yohie 123

    Yohie 123Hace 3 años

    Why are they so underrated‼️⁉️

  19. Yohie 123

    Yohie 123Hace 3 años

    Leigh, You CAN'T sit with us!! 😂😂

  20. Lizz Sharer

    Lizz SharerHace 3 años

    😜😘😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️ the song

  21. Hanna Rooks

    Hanna RooksHace 3 años

    Did anyone notice that in this video Perrie's in a skirt and in the touch one she's in pants

  22. Crispin rodriguez

    Crispin rodriguezHace 3 años


  23. Monique R

    Monique RHace 3 años


  24. Yad1ra Aries Torres

    Yad1ra Aries TorresHace 3 años

    Jessie look like she 40 yrs old😂😂😂 lol 😂😂😂

  25. Lj10_cc7

    Lj10_cc7Hace 3 años

    Didi Torresss Official I don't think a 40 year old would wear that tbh😐 and I don't see how you see that 🤔

  26. Christian Smith

    Christian SmithHace 3 años


  27. blinku and your area roseanne park ultimate bias

    blinku and your area roseanne park ultimate biasHace 3 años

    i don't like jesy sing at all

  28. Crispin rodriguez

    Crispin rodriguezHace 3 años

    jade looks so good

  29. JR III

    JR IIIHace 3 años

    These girls sung this

  30. Red

    RedHace 3 años

    Little mix Know how too Dress how perfect and prettier can they they alway look happy and Beautiful like always I love there singing it's amazing

  31. whoisbunnilol

    whoisbunnilolHace 3 años

    Omg Leigh Anne's outfit is so cute!

  32. Melody Chang

    Melody ChangHace 3 años

    It sounds exactly like the music video

  33. Rigo Gamino

    Rigo GaminoHace 3 años

    they sing ugly fifth harmony is better

  34. Maria Solorzano

    Maria SolorzanoHace 3 años


  35. Liya O

    Liya OHace 3 años

    Rigo Gamino lol 😂 why are you lying to yourself

  36. Mohamed Hussein

    Mohamed HusseinHace 3 años


  37. Mohamed Hussein

    Mohamed HusseinHace 3 años


  38. Mohamed Hussein

    Mohamed HusseinHace 3 años


  39. Zula Bold

    Zula BoldHace 3 años

    This song and their vocals made me speechless #speechless

  40. Hannah Eckman

    Hannah EckmanHace 3 años

    I love. This song so much. I love. You little mix. You. All have. Really good and. Great music

  41. Josh George

    Josh GeorgeHace 3 años

    The way the announcers said "Shout Out to My Ex!" was so cringe worthy

  42. juliet julieliz09

    juliet julieliz09Hace 3 años

    ????zzzzxxxxccccxxzzz? jdpdzzxcv

  43. Addixcaid

    AddixcaidHace 3 años

    when singing they sound enjlish

  44. Amy Nguyen

    Amy NguyenHace 3 años

    perrie is almost wearing the same thing she wore in touch

  45. Zara Marie

    Zara MarieHace 3 años

    So talented 😍 I love them so much ❤️

  46. Narry's Little Spoon love1D

    Narry's Little Spoon love1DHace 3 años

    April 15 is when Harry is on SNL though...

  47. dj Revue

    dj RevueHace 3 años


  48. Eris Dumort

    Eris DumortHace 3 años

    the door is calling you

  49. Amy Nguyen

    Amy NguyenHace 3 años


  50. Kara Camille Delonas

    Kara Camille DelonasHace 3 años

    1:44 tryna play it cool when she doesn't know the words

  51. Chocolate 1010

    Chocolate 1010Hace 3 años


  52. sami

    samiHace 3 años

    0:49 EXCUSE ME. The 15th of April is my Dangerous Woman Tour show so I hope they're doing the contest during the day time bc I got my wig custom made just to be snatched by them...

  53. RosaBella Lopez

    RosaBella LopezHace 3 años

    little mix vs 5h

  54. Danita Whitaker

    Danita WhitakerHace 3 años

    what is there website

  55. Taylor Jerry

    Taylor JerryHace 3 años

    Can I please get a comment back on how to meet Little Mix during the Dangerous Woman Tour

  56. Glasshill Kids

    Glasshill KidsHace 3 años

    I am 9 and I want to grow up to be like the little mix

  57. Alicia Garza

    Alicia GarzaHace 3 años

    i love you're songs so much 😍😍😍

  58. Jordynn Griffin

    Jordynn GriffinHace 3 años

    little mix sucks and has horrible singing

  59. pickles cheesecak

    pickles cheesecakHace 3 años

    Yay shoutout to zayn hopefully he gets a lot of haters

  60. Emaan Siddiqi

    Emaan SiddiqiHace 3 años

    pickles cheesecak don't be mean

  61. Abri Cross

    Abri CrossHace 3 años

    How sexy does Jesy look😍😍😍

  62. sherlyn Cortes

    sherlyn CortesHace 3 años


  63. Dangerous Avenue

    Dangerous AvenueHace 3 años

    in my opinion, Jesse has the best voice and Perrie the second best voice

  64. Barbie Dollie

    Barbie DollieHace 3 años

    fuck fifth harmony this is the new version of dem.

  65. megan

    meganHace 3 años

    every other girl group was found dead

  66. Jadethestone

    JadethestoneHace 3 años

    I love Jade, because of her name, but I love them all!

  67. Issyxeditz

    IssyxeditzHace 3 años


  68. Issyxeditz

    IssyxeditzHace 3 años

    Your horrble at kca

  69. jade nishinoya

    jade nishinoyaHace 3 años

    Karissa Morris they dont care

  70. Carl Meadows

    Carl MeadowsHace 3 años

    I love this song

  71. Kimberly Hodnett

    Kimberly HodnettHace 3 años

    Perrie you're gorgeous but what are you wearing

  72. Brianna MSP

    Brianna MSPHace 3 años

    perrie is so CUTE!

  73. little_mix_perrie wings

    little_mix_perrie wingsHace 2 años

    Brianna MSP yes she is

  74. Tiffany Luevano

    Tiffany LuevanoHace 3 años

    love you guys love love love you a big shot out

  75. Gia Verma

    Gia VermaHace 3 años

    Wing was the first song I had heard from them and they grow so much

  76. English Genius

    English GeniusHace 3 años

    Jesy looks so hot and skinny and curvy and her abs are my glory days

  77. Cianna Rivera

    Cianna RiveraHace 3 años


  78. Maria Verdugo

    Maria VerdugoHace 3 años

    ghy yhyyzyxx67☺😚😚😑😶😄

  79. Maria Verdugo

    Maria VerdugoHace 3 años

    Hi dbxidhg d to ii7gu 74ud h

  80. Alexa Moreno

    Alexa MorenoHace 3 años

    what do you have to do to win the contest

  81. Geimy Alvarenga

    Geimy AlvarengaHace 3 años

    I Love little mix so much 💖

  82. vanessa prado

    vanessa pradoHace 3 años

    Love ❤️their voice and their outfits ❤️️

  83. Niall Horan Lover

    Niall Horan LoverHace 3 años

    Perrie is fucking perfection

  84. Loraine Godoy

    Loraine GodoyHace 3 años

    How come the wardrobe change from this and Touch?

  85. Jaydin Lee

    Jaydin LeeHace 3 años

    Loraine Godoy Because in Touch they dance a lot and it's easier to dance in pants and flatter shoes

  86. B F

    B FHace 3 años

    Little Mix so should have been offered the first hour performance spot in the plaza, but w/e. Just glad they're on American television.

  87. Alexandra Lobatos-Venegas

    Alexandra Lobatos-VenegasHace 3 años


  88. Alexandra Lobatos-Venegas

    Alexandra Lobatos-VenegasHace 3 años

    I love little mix

  89. sethie

    sethieHace 3 años

    V O C A L S

  90. Drastically

    DrasticallyHace 3 años

    So is no more sad songs really the next single? Im about to kms.....

  91. Jamie Wickham

    Jamie WickhamHace 3 años

    I see these girls live in a little over a month!!

  92. Abby Corin

    Abby CorinHace 3 años

    They are the new fitfh harmony

  93. Taylor S

    Taylor SHace 3 años

    Abby10CuPcAkE453 um...Little mix was around before 5H. And they are on a totally different level from 5H

  94. Tylā Draven Elise

    Tylā Draven EliseHace 3 años

    Noo they are better than fifth harmony or whatever they call themselves now..little mix was always better lol

  95. Abby Corin

    Abby CorinHace 3 años


  96. jacqueline gabriela

    jacqueline gabrielaHace 3 años

    Braelyn Grace not really. but that's matter of opinion.

  97. Braelyn Leighton

    Braelyn LeightonHace 3 años

    moonlight jem It was just as bad as a 5some stop making excuses. 😌😗😋

  98. Grace D

    Grace DHace 3 años

    this whole video gives me chills

  99. kayley

    kayleyHace 3 años

    Doesn't this sound like "Ugly Heart"?

  100. didi Wats

    didi WatsHace 3 años

    Kayleycrazy10 Roblox- gaming nah

  101. Chamari Fenty

    Chamari FentyHace 3 años

    I absolutely love when girl groups serve VOCALS. Truly refreshing.

  102. Savanna Thomas

    Savanna ThomasHace 3 años

    love this song

  103. rachel

    rachelHace 3 años

    love them so so much

  104. Jann Rick De Leon

    Jann Rick De LeonHace 3 años

    Check my channel to see guys shouting out to their exes! Love this song

  105. Tess Adams

    Tess AdamsHace 3 años

    There's chemistry and harmony. They did great 😊

  106. lucyy

    lucyyHace 3 años

    Their vocals are so good

  107. Savanah Navin

    Savanah NavinHace 3 años

    They are all so talented and so beautiful! Love them!

  108. Nayxha

    NayxhaHace 3 años

    What's their website called ???

  109. whoknows

    whoknowsHace 3 años


  110. Kennedy Spegar

    Kennedy SpegarHace 3 años


  111. Jen

    JenHace 3 años

    I ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Little MiX

  112. Ese Odia

    Ese OdiaHace 3 años

    Love this 😍

  113. Ali Ramirez

    Ali RamirezHace 3 años

    You guys have amazing voices

  114. Luz Rivera

    Luz RiveraHace 3 años

    That one fan who was shook in the beginning was me af

  115. sydney moore

    sydney mooreHace 3 años

    Jet Nice username and profile pic, BTW

  116. Sarah L

    Sarah LHace 3 años

    Their harmony is crazy ❤❤

  117. Samira Yusuf

    Samira YusufHace 3 años

    who love them since dna

  118. em fortner

    em fortnerHace 3 años

    Samira Yusuf me