Little Mix - Sweet Melody (Live from Little Mix The Search)

Music video by Little Mix performing Sweet Melody (Live from Little Mix The Search). (C) 2020 Under Exclusive Licence to RCA, a division of Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited


  1. Se Vira com Isa Moraes

    Se Vira com Isa MoraesHace un día


  2. Anna1976 Anna

    Anna1976 AnnaHace un día

    I want an OT4 performance of Sweet Melody....But now it will never happen ...

  3. Florence Brimson

    Florence BrimsonHace un día

    we love you Jesy

  4. David Scott

    David ScottHace un día

    I am only 8 and me and my best friend love this song

  5. Shantia A. Lewis

    Shantia A. LewisHace 2 días

    jesy's outfits always slay

  6. Gymnastics aloud

    Gymnastics aloudHace 3 días

    Best performance of sweet melody

  7. Bubbles

    BubblesHace 3 días

    Why couldn't this one be all four..

  8. Armixer With Love

    Armixer With LoveHace 3 días

    they're so powerful on stage!!

  9. Armixer With Love

    Armixer With LoveHace 3 días

    look at the SERVE

  10. Armixer With Love

    Armixer With LoveHace 3 días

    Jesy's vocals is superb

  11. Hafiz Jm

    Hafiz JmHace 6 días

    This is a pre recorder version. I miss them doing live😭😭

  12. Gymnastics aloud

    Gymnastics aloudHace 3 días

    No. MTV EMA was the pre recorded one with multiple takes

  13. Raïssa touré

    Raïssa touréHace 7 días

    Where is jade ?

  14. Lily

    LilyHace 7 días

    she had to self isolate when they did this performance because she had been in close contact with someone that tested positive for covid

  15. Maria Eduarda Bussili

    Maria Eduarda BussiliHace 8 días


  16. Stupid Cupid

    Stupid CupidHace 8 días

    If most people thinks that Jess is the odd one in the group because of their body-built-differences , She should go solo. In that way, she can express herself without being compared. (Sorry bad grammar 🤭)

  17. Babaciga

    BabacigaHace 11 días

    Now that Jesy is gone there is no reason to listen to the Little Mix

  18. Sierra Star

    Sierra StarHace 2 días

    Apart from the three other incredible vocalists and performers

  19. Little Mix

    Little MixHace 11 días

    2:58 Perrie High Notes OMG

  20. Little Mix

    Little MixHace 11 días

    Fans: Jade Is Out, So Who Covers Her High Note? Perrie: *Hold My Wig*


    THE DOLL CIRCLE BOY 64Hace 11 días

    Jesy I hope you be OK and healthy best queen little mix

  22. Jerome Rey

    Jerome ReyHace 12 días

    Can we all appreciate how Leigh Anne covered Jesy & Jade's solos when they were both absent from performances 😍

  23. Natalie Jones

    Natalie JonesHace 12 días

    If the haters would stop body shaming Jesy and realized that she left, they knew what they had done to hurt her. As I was saying, Jesy should work on a solo album so all the Little Mix fans can support her without racist haters would go up on her. I want Jesy to be happy. We all want Jesy to be happy.

  24. Ivon Vassileva Trancheva

    Ivon Vassileva TranchevaHace 12 días

    where is jade?

  25. Ivon Vassileva Trancheva

    Ivon Vassileva TranchevaHace 10 días

    @Lily thank u so much, I was confused

  26. Lily

    LilyHace 10 días

    she had to self isolate when they did this performance because she had been in close contact with someone that tested positive for covid

  27. Lavana Medel

    Lavana MedelHace 13 días

    Las amo mucho. Son unas genias, deslumbran siempre ♥️ Vengan a Argentinaaaaaaa 🇦🇷

  28. Lavana Medel

    Lavana MedelHace 13 días

    I love them so much, this is so amazing.

  29. 6B-07-Dhruva Swara

    6B-07-Dhruva SwaraHace 13 días

    Where is Jade ?? Anybody tell me

  30. Lily

    LilyHace 10 días

    she had to self isolate when they did this performance because she had been in close contact with someone that tested positive for covid

  31. Amelia Kemp

    Amelia KempHace 13 días

    Where's jade?

  32. Little Mix

    Little MixHace 13 días

    Self Isolating I Thinl

  33. taehyung Lover

    taehyung LoverHace 13 días

    They are the biggest girlband even if they lost one member...the power that they have and their perfect live singing is the main thing that make them queens of all girlbands in the world

  34. Keelie Kingi

    Keelie KingiHace 13 días

    Miss you jess

  35. DeviLived

    DeviLivedHace 13 días

    Where is Jadeeee??? 😭😭

  36. desirée !¡

    desirée !¡Hace 14 días

    amazing ❤🥺

  37. Akiaiesha TV

    Akiaiesha TVHace 14 días

    Why is Jade not present here?

  38. Saima Misbah

    Saima MisbahHace 15 días

    amazing but where is jade still i will miss u jesy now that u have left :(

  39. Kitty And Guinea

    Kitty And GuineaHace 15 días

    Will Jesy ever come back do you think?!? she was so good and we will miss her a lot

  40. Lily

    LilyHace 15 días

    i dont think so but i really hope she does :(

  41. Kitty And Guinea

    Kitty And GuineaHace 15 días

    She was amazing

  42. Watch to Learn

    Watch to LearnHace 16 días

    Jessy is my favorite in the group. Her stage presence is so strong. But sad that she left but im happy for her.. Shes a strong woman to decide whats good for herself...

  43. Zennie Loves

    Zennie LovesHace 16 días

    I just repeat x4 the last part where jesy sang it ... woaaahhhh that was just sooo amazing

  44. Δημητρα Στογιαννη

    Δημητρα ΣτογιαννηHace 17 días

    Outfirs-amazing! 😻 Hair styles-unique and beautiful! 🥰 Vocals-all on point and great! 👑 Coreography-just perfect! 💅 Song-fantastic! ❤️

  45. Δημητρα Στογιαννη

    Δημητρα ΣτογιαννηHace 17 días

    One of their best performances in my opinion

  46. Tra dang 904 Tik Tok fan

    Tra dang 904 Tik Tok fanHace 18 días

    Thank you very much, I have always dreamed of going to your concert, I love you little mix and thank you again, you made my biggest dream come true

  47. Nikolas Doulas

    Nikolas DoulasHace 18 días

    They have truly blossomed into maturity and female inspiration.

  48. Sheera V

    Sheera VHace 20 días

    Jesy's energy is a whole different level... i miss her ❤❤❤

  49. Luluskiv

    LuluskivHace 20 días

    Best girl group in the world 🥰

  50. Sue Marple

    Sue MarpleHace 22 días

    Where's the other one

  51. Sue Marple

    Sue MarpleHace 20 días

    @DarkStark oh no way thank you very much for letting me know.hope she's ok xx

  52. DarkStark

    DarkStarkHace 21 un día

    Jade was isolated with corona

  53. Jane Cho

    Jane ChoHace 23 días

    The lyrics are kinda touching. It is like real romance. I kinda love it a lot.

  54. Riya Raut

    Riya RautHace 24 días

    Mixers now get how it feels when one leaves the band ,this happened to us directioners a few year's back n it was really bad

  55. João pedro Oliveira

    João pedro OliveiraHace 24 días

    We never gonna have the pleasure to seen the sweet melody ot4 performance

  56. Génesis Rivera

    Génesis RiveraHace 24 días

    I hate that Jesy won’t be on the band anymore, we would miss her 😭😭💔

  57. Lol Lol

    Lol LolHace 26 días

    No eran 4 :/

  58. Magy Hdzc

    Magy HdzcHace 26 días

    Jesy ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  59. Zainab Nazeer

    Zainab NazeerHace 26 días

    Where is jena

  60. Salini Nvaralakshmi

    Salini NvaralakshmiHace 26 días

    I miss jade in this stage it would have been even a big banger

  61. Sophie Parr

    Sophie ParrHace 26 días

    Jessy you are so good a dancing do you have so much energy and stage presence you're so good

  62. Sophie Parr

    Sophie ParrHace 26 días

    Anyone who dislike this video is just jealous of how good you are we all love you little mix especially you Jessy!!!!!!!

  63. Sophie Parr

    Sophie ParrHace 26 días

    Jessy you are sooooooooo good

  64. yasmin ismail

    yasmin ismailHace 27 días

    I love you guys

  65. Amelia Hubbard

    Amelia HubbardHace 27 días

    Nevertheless see the four again xx I support em tho!

  66. Monaliza Sangma

    Monaliza SangmaHace 27 días


  67. Mixxerrss Fam

    Mixxerrss FamHace 27 días

    Where is jade???

  68. Lily

    LilyHace 27 días

    she had to self isolate when they did this performance

  69. Justin H.

    Justin H.Hace 28 días

    Jesy is an icon! she's the only one tbh!

  70. Siiri Talja

    Siiri TaljaHace 28 días

    You are Best✨♥️🥰🥺

  71. sheina

    sheinaHace 28 días

    I wish i can dance as sensual like jesy.. hard to watch this😩

  72. Tracey Fenwick

    Tracey FenwickHace 28 días

    wheres jade someone tell me thats my fave little mixer

  73. kiel castalone

    kiel castaloneHace 29 días

    Where's Jade?

  74. Ashley Britt

    Ashley BrittHace 29 días

    Jesy will DEFINITELY be missed! I feel awful that people were SO cruel to her. I wish that wasn't what she mostly remembered from this experience but I am glad she is taking the time for herself. Everyone needs that. Where was Jade?

  75. Fabrício Guimarães

    Fabrício GuimarãesHace 29 días


  76. JmillerTV

    JmillerTVHace 29 días

    where is jade?

  77. Beau O M

    Beau O MHace 29 días

    Jessie was my favourite it was the last time we all saw her on stage 😭😢😥

  78. Ani Gimenez Pereyra

    Ani Gimenez PereyraHace 29 días

    Jesy slayed as always, she is an amazing dancer and her voice is unique. Goddess Sad this was her last perfomance...

  79. Sierra Star

    Sierra StarHace 3 días

    The touch/holiday performance was her last

  80. james jefferson edjan obejuela

    james jefferson edjan obejuelaHace 29 días

    We can really point that Jesy was born to be a performer

  81. Leigh Anne

    Leigh AnneHace 29 días

    Why am always looking at jesy she wow i mean she's so so so so beautiful i can't don't look at her in this performance she is the prettiest girl in the world

  82. It's just soph

    It's just sophHace 29 días

    I’m not just saying this cuz jesy left but I feel like she sounds the best live no hate

  83. Julian Nial

    Julian NialHace un mes

    And I'm sitting here like FUCK YOU COVID, you deleted that last floorless performance of the 4 of them.

  84. Maddison Young

    Maddison YoungHace un mes

    Just come back please

  85. Shakhzoda Sharipova

    Shakhzoda SharipovaHace un mes

    Anyone could explain why they are participating only 3

  86. JMarie D.

    JMarie D.Hace un mes

    I've always been a Jade and Perrie fan but it's not the same without Jesy. I miss her voice so much. It's just not the same. I know you're prioritizing your wellbeing, Jesy. And good for you. I hope you are not pressured into anything. Focus on yourself first. I'm just whining because I miss your presence.

  87. Gabbe

    GabbeHace un mes

    Man, Jesy is so stunning. I love all 4. But i cant stop looking at her.

  88. saykobombo

    saykobomboHace un mes

    Where is Jade?

  89. Limelight Mixer

    Limelight MixerHace un mes

    She was self-isolating

  90. Alexis Kelley

    Alexis KelleyHace un mes

    I’m too lazy to scroll the comments but man do I salute these ladies. My girl bits would eat them crotch pieces. There ain’t no way you could get me in that. Also Jesy will definitely be missed. Her vocals and pure talent is amazing.

  91. Xian Samsaraji

    Xian SamsarajiHace un mes

    We will miss you Jesy and the good vibes you have.

  92. Khea mae Muñez

    Khea mae MuñezHace un mes

    I miss jesy😔😔😭😭

  93. Julie Mariz Dela cruz

    Julie Mariz Dela cruzHace un mes

    Jesy killed this choreography, I miss her so much! :(

  94. Gabriel Albuquerque

    Gabriel AlbuquerqueHace un mes

    If only we knew that would be Jesy’s last performance in the band

  95. carl

    carlHace 29 días

    Their last was Holiday x Touch. Last OT4. :(

  96. Erin Cowley

    Erin CowleyHace un mes

    where's Jade :(

  97. Roopali Sabarwal

    Roopali SabarwalHace un mes

    Where is jade

  98. Roopali Sabarwal

    Roopali SabarwalHace 3 días


  99. Limelight Mixer

    Limelight MixerHace un mes

    She was self-isolating then

  100. Bruno Semog

    Bruno SemogHace un mes

    Jesy you is incredible And Stunning ❤ Hugs From Brazil Baby 🇧🇷

  101. Ivan Antich

    Ivan AntichHace un mes


  102. ayaszki

    ayaszkiHace un mes

    i wish jade was here. i don't know how long will it take for me to get over the fact that they never perform this song live as four. almost is never enough, you know.

  103. Keisha Jefthas

    Keisha JefthasHace un mes

    This was the best live performance of sweet melody

  104. Sadie Adler

    Sadie AdlerHace un mes

    Leigh-Anne slayed that intro x

  105. Love Black

    Love BlackHace un mes

    I love how all 4 of them are such power vocalists that even when one of them is absent, it won’t affect the entire performance. Sure it looks a little empty on stage but vocally, they’re not that affected.

  106. Dany Dazryen

    Dany DazryenHace un mes

    wheres jade? and why are the only 3?

  107. pati xx

    pati xxHace un mes

    she was self isolating then x

  108. Geovanna P. Cardoso

    Geovanna P. CardosoHace un mes

    A mídia é cruel, pq porra A Jesy vendia música e não trabalhava com o corpo, tinham que avaliar ela pela voz e não pelo corpo, um corpo que aliás é lindo pra caralho

  109. ClouideYT Vlogs

    ClouideYT VlogsHace un mes

    Perries more better than jade i the on and on yeah!

  110. carl

    carlHace 29 días

    Watch the EMA's.

  111. Mina Yazdani

    Mina YazdaniHace un mes

    Where is Jade here?

  112. Dale Wylie

    Dale WylieHace un mes

    self isolating

  113. Max Blyth

    Max BlythHace un mes

    Where is Jade?

  114. Max Blyth

    Max BlythHace un mes

    I miss Jesy now not being in Little mix

  115. Native Eastender

    Native EastenderHace un mes

    This is a shout out to Queen Jes I heard that you left Little Mix Yeah, yeah that hurt me I'll admit I'm not sure I'll get over it. I know you did what's best for you You did it to protect yourself I truly wish you all the best: Good health and a well-deserved rest. Xxx

  116. Chloe

    ChloeHace un mes

    Where is jade

  117. pati xx

    pati xxHace un mes

    she was self isolating then

  118. Webster Geraldizo

    Webster GeraldizoHace un mes

    It’s a bad sign. This song was meant to be performed with only 3 girls.

  119. Michael Daeniel Filamor

    Michael Daeniel FilamorHace 21 un día


  120. William Garrett

    William GarrettHace un mes

    where is jade lmao? am I missing something

  121. pati xx

    pati xxHace un mes

    she was self isolating then

  122. Emma Leacock

    Emma LeacockHace un mes

    Jessy if you see this i love you your amazing and I love watching you sing and I will miss you being on stage but its your choice and I respect that love you xx ❤ ♥ 💖

  123. Asonta Chinyere

    Asonta ChinyereHace un mes

    Jesyyy is this song!