Little Mix - Sweet Melody (Live from Little Mix The Search)

Music video by Little Mix performing Sweet Melody (Live from Little Mix The Search). (C) 2020 Under Exclusive Licence to RCA, a division of Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited


  1. SandraRecordings

    SandraRecordingsHace 8 horas

    Ginger Spice has left the group, I will miss her. ❤️

  2. Hip Hop Queen

    Hip Hop QueenHace 21 un hora

    Where is jade

  3. ondrej hrabalek

    ondrej hrabalekHace un día

    What jade

  4. Milena

    MilenaHace un día

    Where was Jade?

  5. Ailee Steffany

    Ailee SteffanyHace un día

    Where's jade?

  6. Oliver Reading

    Oliver ReadingHace un día

    To Jesy’s credit, you can’t tell these were her last performances with the girls. Comparatively, with the Spice Girls or 1D, Geri and Zayn had completely tapped out in their last performances

  7. Chanel #6

    Chanel #6Hace 22 horas

    she always gave it her all for the band no matter how much she was hurting on the inside :(

  8. Sara Nocun

    Sara NocunHace 2 días

    personally I have never liked jesy's attitude, always seeking attention I adore the other girls ;))))

  9. Eleni Galanis

    Eleni GalanisHace un hora


  10. Phúc Home - Nhà Bán

    Phúc Home - Nhà BánHace 2 días

    I miss Sugababes

  11. :*Little mix Fanʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    :*Little mix Fanʕ•ᴥ•ʔHace 4 días


  12. KEENZxx

    KEENZxxHace 5 días

    Jesy baby 🥺😩😞

  13. ASHEN

    ASHENHace 5 días

    why is jade not there cause i dont know what happened

  14. Ellie Clark

    Ellie ClarkHace un día

    she was issolating

  15. Carla Hooley

    Carla HooleyHace 6 días

    jesy looks the best she ever has

  16. Mamello Mkhize

    Mamello MkhizeHace 7 días

    Did leighanne ever miss a concert Oooh that *oh* at the end 💋chefs kiss

  17. Madikotsi Chabaku

    Madikotsi ChabakuHace 7 días

    Jessica Nelson is a born perfomer !! WOW

  18. Armixer With Love

    Armixer With LoveHace 9 días

    wish all our girls the best and all happiness

  19. Armixer With Love

    Armixer With LoveHace 9 días

    our only sweet melody performance with Jesy and she SERVEDDD

  20. Armixer With Love

    Armixer With LoveHace 9 días

    they we're so amazing together I miss ot4 so much

  21. saf

    safHace 9 días

    My Perrie 🔥❤️

  22. Yares

    YaresHace 9 días

    I miss Jesy.

  23. PinkDiamond7777777

    PinkDiamond7777777Hace 10 días

    Jesy ! 😭

  24. Anne Regonan

    Anne RegonanHace 10 días


  25. Joshua Gabilo

    Joshua GabiloHace 11 días

    This is the best live performance of the track. It’s because of Jesy’s vocals.

  26. Joshua Gabilo

    Joshua GabiloHace 6 días

    @Ndetah Daizy huh? Did i say anything? I just apprecisted Jesy's vocals. Duh.

  27. Ndetah Daizy

    Ndetah DaizyHace 7 días

    Enough please! Such comments might break the band. We're happy for her but we should respect the other three

  28. anakarolina freitas

    anakarolina freitasHace 11 días

    I loooooveeeee them 😍😍😍😍💖💖💖💖

  29. Bb's diys

    Bb's diysHace 11 días

    where was jade

  30. Bárbara Ramos

    Bárbara RamosHace 12 días


  31. Third Buenafe

    Third BuenafeHace 14 días

    I'm just sad because they never perform sweet melody complete it's always the three of them😭

  32. Güldal Acar

    Güldal AcarHace 14 días

    Where is Jade ?

  33. Güldal Acar

    Güldal AcarHace 13 días

    @Gabi's X Romeo hmm l see

  34. Gabi's X Romeo

    Gabi's X RomeoHace 13 días

    She was self isolating cuz she was in contact with someone who had covid

  35. Miz dee

    Miz deeHace 14 días

    Where was jade?

  36. Merle L.

    Merle L.Hace 12 días

    She was in self isolation

  37. CoolG Panda

    CoolG PandaHace 15 días

    I am gonna miss you jesy❤

  38. GoKa

    GoKaHace 15 días

    Jesy and Jade are the Best dancers 😍😍😍😍

  39. Corinne Moore

    Corinne MooreHace 16 días

    I miss Jessi :( she left bc so many people were attacking constantly about being ugly and fat.

  40. naomi felix

    naomi felixHace 18 días

    Where is Jade???

  41. Merle L.

    Merle L.Hace 12 días

    She was in self isolation


    DUAITY SESSIONSHace 19 días

    Cover *_*

  43. Squad-Mia Hope May Darlington

    Squad-Mia Hope May DarlingtonHace 19 días

    My favourite is Jesy, Shes so pretty, and her voice is beautiful and Pretty, I want to be a singer and a Champion horse racer, also I've been watching ur video's since I was 7-8 im now 9 I love all the songs, also im sorry about Jesy leaving because of hate of her body.. (to the haters of the Jesy:Dont bully people of their body its not nice and if you do im politely asking you stop, Shes pretty and kind just don't bully her!)

  44. Tra dang 904 & Tram do& little mix tik tok fan

    Tra dang 904 & Tram do& little mix tik tok fanHace 20 días


  45. Esai Sanchez

    Esai SanchezHace 25 días

    Ughhhhhhh i miss this but can’t wait to see what the futures hold for all them

  46. iiSimplyCreami

    iiSimplyCreamiHace 27 días

    I think Jade might of been sick when they did this.

  47. Merle L.

    Merle L.Hace 12 días

    She was in self isolation

  48. Grace Brooks

    Grace BrooksHace 27 días

    Where was jade?

  49. Merle L.

    Merle L.Hace 12 días

    She was in self isolation

  50. Lulu Aljasser

    Lulu AljasserHace 27 días

    We’re jade

  51. Merle L.

    Merle L.Hace 12 días

    She was in self isolation

  52. 1

    1Hace 27 días

    I love how all 3 of them have stable vocals with incredible dancing stills ❤😱

  53. Masa Halamova

    Masa HalamovaHace 28 días

    Where are Jede ????

  54. Maha

    MahaHace 29 días

    Where was jade

  55. armixers

    armixersHace 29 días

    jade was self-isolating

  56. Azra Erbaş

    Azra ErbaşHace 29 días

    why only 3 people

  57. Reagan Bluhm

    Reagan BluhmHace un mes

    Perrie’s high note at 2:55 GAVE ME CHILLS

  58. marie

    marieHace un mes

    miss you, jesy 🥺❤

  59. Kola Sowande

    Kola SowandeHace un mes

    One thing is for sure that we will remember Jesy and her wonderful energy and friendship that she displayed ,imma miss her like crazy


    MICHAEL JACKSONHace un mes

    Where is Jade?

  61. lima roy

    lima royHace un mes

    Pls I beg you guys stop saying jesy pls come back pls support her decision

  62. Daniele Nepomuceno

    Daniele NepomucenoHace un mes

    jesy has a unique voice huhuhu

  63. Stella Lee

    Stella LeeHace un mes

    Where is jade?

  64. Abigail Hor

    Abigail HorHace un mes

    For all of those hater who think Jesy is fat Jesy is not fat the only person who is, is the person who in in the miror, go see for yourself

  65. Sierra Star

    Sierra StarHace 17 días

    Zero reason to call out body shaming by doing it back

  66. Squishy Kitty

    Squishy KittyHace un mes


  67. Merve Özsoy

    Merve ÖzsoyHace un mes

    Where is jade?

  68. Merve Özsoy

    Merve ÖzsoyHace un mes

    @Marrie Q. oww than you

  69. Marrie Q.

    Marrie Q.Hace un mes

    she was self isolating on this day

  70. TikTok Smash

    TikTok SmashHace un mes

    Jesy our Queen, has so much energy ,like you can that the hair is flipping into different things and the other girls are slays Queens as well and I love all they outfits

  71. Vanessa Utomo

    Vanessa UtomoHace un mes

    Where's jade?

  72. queenoftheclouds

    queenofthecloudsHace un mes

    It's just so satisfying to hear Jesy sing her part live.. since this is the only time we got it :/

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    Super WorldHace 27 días

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  75. Robie Eunelle DS Abitona

    Robie Eunelle DS AbitonaHace un mes

    Where is Jade

  76. Kevin Brandsma

    Kevin BrandsmaHace un mes

    Were jade

  77. Amelia Mcchesney

    Amelia McchesneyHace un mes

    3:27 🥺 the last time we ever heard

  78. Lily - rose Killeen

    Lily - rose KilleenHace un mes


  79. panchita panchita

    panchita panchitaHace un mes

    Jessy era mi favorita

  80. Charles Charlie

    Charles CharlieHace un mes

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  81. Nina Keeling

    Nina KeelingHace un mes

    Jesy you did awsome you guys were so pretty and were is jade but jesy we will all miss you

  82. Sacide Rana Türk

    Sacide Rana TürkHace un mes


  83. Gymnastics aloud

    Gymnastics aloudHace un mes

    @Sacide Rana Türk this is better stfu

  84. Sacide Rana Türk

    Sacide Rana TürkHace un mes

    @pati xx ohh I am very happy now thank you again

  85. pati xx

    pati xxHace un mes

    @Sacide Rana Türk she's okay now, no need to worry 🥰

  86. Sacide Rana Türk

    Sacide Rana TürkHace un mes

    @pati xx I really didn't know that she's my favorite member of Little Mix and I was upset that such an event happened, get well soon.Thank you so much for giving information without judgment

  87. pati xx

    pati xxHace un mes

    @Sacide Rana Türk she had a contact with someone who had covid

  88. Javed Khan

    Javed KhanHace un mes

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  89. vgf c_y

    vgf c_yHace un mes


  90. TheeCuteChubbyCoupleENT

    TheeCuteChubbyCoupleENTHace un mes

    What’s up Mixers!! So we recently did a reaction to Little Mix’s BBC performance & THEY KILLED!!! We are so sad to see Jesy leave, however we are eager and supportive of the trio era that is here 😍😩🙌🏾 Come vibe with us as Little Mix gives us everything we need!!

  91. Maria Rinta-Rahko

    Maria Rinta-RahkoHace un mes

    Perrie and Jesy killed it.

  92. Sierra Star

    Sierra StarHace 17 días

    Yess, they were incredible 🔥🔥

  93. wwe creative

    wwe creativeHace un mes

    @Gymnastics aloud you need some new material because your comebacks are terrible 😂

  94. Gymnastics aloud

    Gymnastics aloudHace un mes

    @wwe creative imao you need some pills to control your hormones

  95. wwe creative

    wwe creativeHace un mes

    @Maddison Brown why are you still going? I said what I said accept it

  96. wwe creative

    wwe creativeHace un mes

    @Maddison Brown writing me a novel isn’t gonna change anything hun🤷🏻‍♀️

  97. Ashley UwU

    Ashley UwUHace un mes

    Why do they always perform this as 3? Why Jessy keeps swapping with Jade?

  98. Ashley UwU

    Ashley UwUHace un mes

    @x ohh thank you!! 🥺❤

  99. x

    xHace un mes

    In this , jade had covid After this , jesy left the group

  100. no name brand

    no name brandHace un mes

    Leigh-anne and perrier nailed jade part

  101. wwe creative

    wwe creativeHace un mes

    Leigh was the star here for sure I love that everyone is talking about her and giving her the deserved respect this era.

  102. Sierra Star

    Sierra StarHace un mes

    Yess, that high note 🔥

  103. Mindless .K

    Mindless .KHace un mes

    3:00 hits so hard😭

  104. KarlaTheGamerGirl

    KarlaTheGamerGirlHace 2 meses

    I miss jesy so much, but I also wonder where jade is during this performance?

  105. pati xx

    pati xxHace un mes

    @x she was self isolating because she had a contact with someone who had covid.

  106. x

    xHace un mes

    @pati xx she said it herself that she had covid

  107. pati xx

    pati xxHace un mes

    @x she hasn't got covid, she was just self isolating.

  108. x

    xHace un mes

    Had covid back then

  109. Blackwood berry

    Blackwood berryHace 2 meses

    Jesi has such unique energy I will Mia her alot

  110. Lina R.

    Lina R.Hace 2 meses

    why are they only three?

  111. Lina R.

    Lina R.Hace un mes

    @x oh ok

  112. x

    xHace un mes

    Jade had covid

  113. Medinah Belgrave

    Medinah BelgraveHace 2 meses

    FCK I MISS YOU JESY! I really hope you’re happier xxxx

  114. M NANDES

    M NANDESHace 2 meses

    Come back Jesy

  115. RADEK Trnavsky

    RADEK TrnavskyHace 2 meses

    Where's Jade?

  116. Sierra Star

    Sierra StarHace un mes

    She was self isolating at the time as she was in contact with someone who has COVID

  117. x

    xHace un mes

    She had covid

  118. Michi Me

    Michi MeHace 2 meses


  119. Allen Peaks

    Allen PeaksHace 2 meses

    Will just miss this version of Jesy! Accept your thick!! Beautiful

  120. Kem Shenie Cabreros

    Kem Shenie CabrerosHace 2 meses

    i love the four always ❤️

  121. Angie Beleil

    Angie BeleilHace 2 meses

    Little mix has always been my favorite band ever since I was 5 till now I am amazed by the energy teamwork and positivity in this band but I am heartbroken to hear that this band came to an end but if leaving the band makes jesy happy then it makes me happy too

  122. Kate Desmond

    Kate DesmondHace 2 meses

    Where’s Jade??

  123. x

    xHace un mes

    She had covid

  124. Nicole Faulkner

    Nicole FaulknerHace 2 meses

    Where was jade?

  125. x

    xHace un mes

    She had covid

  126. gagaboluda

    gagaboludaHace 2 meses


  127. Aarshiya Juneja

    Aarshiya JunejaHace 2 meses

    Saddest thing, we never got to see a sweet melody performance with all the girls😭

  128. Animasi TV

    Animasi TVHace 2 meses

    Jesy what you here 😭😭😭😭😭

  129. Lilia Shhadeh

    Lilia ShhadehHace 2 meses

    am i the only one who dont know what happened with jessy?

  130. x

    xHace un mes

    She left

  131. MS - 01NK 921083 Nahani Way PS

    MS - 01NK 921083 Nahani Way PSHace 2 meses

    How come thire are only 3 of them?

  132. x

    xHace un mes

    The fourth one had covid here But after this , jesy( the red hair ) left

  133. jane shakeshaft

    jane shakeshaftHace 2 meses

    Why is there only 3

  134. x

    xHace un mes

    Jade had covid back then

  135. lauren littlemixfan

    lauren littlemixfanHace 2 meses

    Jesy i love u so much u will always be in my heart❤

  136. lauren littlemixfan

    lauren littlemixfanHace 2 meses

    Omg i love jessy whyyyyyyyy

  137. Mileena

    MileenaHace 2 meses

    Where’s jade?

  138. x

    xHace un mes

    She had covid

  139. Janilson Luna

    Janilson LunaHace 2 meses


  140. Raghavendra Dixit

    Raghavendra DixitHace 2 meses

    Where is jade

  141. x

    xHace un mes

    She had covid

  142. sara jama

    sara jamaHace 2 meses

    wheres jade lmao

  143. x

    xHace un mes

    She had covid

  144. Saint Rosé

    Saint RoséHace 2 meses

    Seems like jesy is coming with solo music, gonna watch her old performances waiting for it 💜

  145. Analeise Nicholas

    Analeise NicholasHace 2 meses

    Loves You J.N

  146. gacha little røse

    gacha little røseHace 2 meses

    Why they are 3?

  147. pati xx

    pati xxHace 2 meses

    Jade was self isolating back then

  148. rawan

    rawanHace 2 meses

    Why the hell NO ONE is talking about PERRIES HIGH NOTE

  149. Sierra Star

    Sierra StarHace un mes

    Right? She absolutely slayed that and people still have the nerve to say she can’t hit her high notes anymore. It’s the fact we know she can slay those notes but it surprises us every time. She’s so incredible.

  150. wwe creative

    wwe creativeHace un mes

    Because it’s nothing new, it was good but no one really falls over (accept her solo fans) when she does high notes anymore because she’s been doing them for a decade 🤷🏻‍♀️ when she did her whistle or head voice in break up song recently people were talking about it because she doesn’t it do it often. That’s what I’ve observed at least.

  151. Sven Vanacker

    Sven VanackerHace 2 meses

    Where is jade

  152. pati xx

    pati xxHace 2 meses

    She was self isolating back then. x