Little Mix - Sweet Melody (Live from the MTV EMA 2020)

Little Mix - Sweet Melody (Live from the MTV EMA 2020)
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  1. Johanna Fitos

    Johanna FitosHace 13 horas

    I miss Jessie 😢

  2. Gaby Gabs

    Gaby GabsHace 14 horas

    Please come back Jesy 😭😭😭😭

  3. Cynthia Asonganyi

    Cynthia AsonganyiHace 16 horas

    The absence of Jessy is really large I'm gonna miss you girl but the trio still sound good

  4. J Ed

    J EdHace 20 horas

    3:26 look at the smile Hade gives Leigh 🤗

  5. Ava Bear

    Ava BearHace un día

    I’m adding this to my playlist. PERIODT SIS

  6. Zefanya Wowor

    Zefanya WoworHace un día

    Jade high note blow my mind😳,i always be a fan of little mix since...idk,but Jade always win my heart😄

  7. Elina's Alchemy

    Elina's AlchemyHace un día

    and in the end the pyramid closes and it looks like a prison.........

  8. Iyuel Behar

    Iyuel BeharHace un día

    The biggest girl band in the world

  9. •Noes•Noes• •

    •Noes•Noes• •Hace 15 horas

    Thats blackpink

  10. Timothy Cox

    Timothy CoxHace 2 días

    Leigh-Anne's sneer is great in this....

  11. Ally Richards

    Ally RichardsHace 2 días

    leigh anne in the middle during the dance break where she belongs 💅

  12. Simon Wilds

    Simon WildsHace 2 días

    Wow im amazed I love little mix and yes its not the same with out jesy but there gonna kill it

  13. Taehyung Hobi

    Taehyung HobiHace 2 días

    Don't call any of the artist random.... What do you mean by "random Korean band" They are also artist... BP is the biggest girl group for a reason and they do sing so stop calling them random... one direction and mixer are same... Watch there live performance then you'll realize why they considered hard to compete...m not even blink but they do have much efficiency ... And some people are like I don't understand why blinks come in mixers video and talk about it so it's because you drag their idol everywhere so they will comment......

  14. Taehyung Hobi

    Taehyung HobiHace 17 horas

    @kuruvilla kurian it's so bad to demeine someone if not on the basis of talent so on their language ... sometimes they pass comment in Korean boyband's sexuality like seriously .... I tried many times to ignore but atlast I need to say something coz I just feel so embarrassed that they can't respect each other ... Why not both ???? Why either BP or LM why not both Why either 1d or BTS Why noth both?????,🙂

  15. kuruvilla kurian

    kuruvilla kurianHace 19 horas

    @Taehyung Hobi yeah so true I saw so many comments saying little mix is good hate blackpink . let's just ignore them they wil never learn how to respect everyone

  16. Taehyung Hobi

    Taehyung HobiHace 19 horas

    @kuruvilla kurian it's obvious yaaa..... I don't even understand why people are like random Korean... Why racism...???? Like comm'on's today's generation. ..damn these people are still stucked on their language their culture but not talent..... They are famous for a reason and they should learn to respect every artist whether they like it or not..... If they don't like BP or other Korean artist so at least they shouldn't open their mouth then .🙂

  17. kuruvilla kurian

    kuruvilla kurianHace 21 un hora

    Yeah every band deserves to be famous ❤️

  18. Taehyung Hobi

    Taehyung HobiHace 2 días

    Jade's high note and Leigh's dance moves hit hard 🙂 damn........... Not fan but literally their live vocals aren't joke

  19. Bubbles

    BubblesHace 3 días

    It doesnt feel right without Jesy, its making me emotional.

  20. lilly is playing Roblox

    lilly is playing RobloxHace 3 días

    i am still crying about jessy leaving

  21. Syamir afiq

    Syamir afiqHace 3 días

    I really hope jesy back and i miss her so muchhhhh! She really beautiful with a good voice i love u jesyyy

  22. Joakim Baba

    Joakim BabaHace 3 días

    All vocals this group

  23. Kh Mobasheri

    Kh MobasheriHace 3 días

    Jesy is missed betweent leigh leigh and jade😭

  24. pati xx

    pati xxHace 23 horas

    @F3d3rico2 _ but she still wrote "Leigh, Leigh, Jade" so Perrie's name is missing 🤣

  25. F3d3rico2 _

    F3d3rico2 _Hace un día

    @pati xx i think she meant in the dance formation?

  26. pati xx

    pati xxHace 2 días

    I guess you forgot Perrie 🤪

  27. Meera Singh

    Meera SinghHace 4 días

    they are better like a trio

  28. Phyo Thiri

    Phyo ThiriHace 4 días

    where is jesy

  29. Meera Singh

    Meera SinghHace 4 días


  30. Meera Singh

    Meera SinghHace 4 días

    SHE LEFT the group

  31. JenJen Reyes

    JenJen ReyesHace 5 días

    Why everytime they sing this song its only three of them instead of all four of them?

  32. Lotte Puelinckx

    Lotte PuelinckxHace 4 días

    Because Jesy left


    DAILY DOSEHace 5 días

    jesy is so magical but i love that they still chose to you guys

  34. SASHA

    SASHAHace 5 días

    There is one o f them messing??

  35. SASHA

    SASHAHace un día

    @pati xx omfl poor her I really loved her voice

  36. pati xx

    pati xxHace 2 días

    She left the band.

  37. Nicole Mikellides

    Nicole MikellidesHace 5 días

    MIXERS!! let's stream all together break up song!!! It deserves better. If it appears on the UK top tracks it will be a success

  38. Meera Singh

    Meera SinghHace 6 días

    Where's jessy???

  39. Emma Jones

    Emma JonesHace 5 días

    She left group also it’s jesy*

  40. Jay black

    Jay blackHace 6 días

    ok- why did that dance break remind me of um *dula peep* when she dances lol

  41. Moonlightt Bass

    Moonlightt BassHace 6 días

    People criticize their clothes, I saw people going to the supermarket, shopping or going out at night wearing much worse clothes than them. So stop being unpleasant.

  42. Jade Collins

    Jade CollinsHace 6 días

    Why did they make Perrie wear a tied plastic bag -_-

  43. Calli prankster Menga

    Calli prankster MengaHace 7 días

    I miss Jenny it is not I don’t like the others but it is. Ot the same 😔😔😔😔😣😣😣😣😣😭😭😭😭😭

  44. armixers

    armixersHace 4 días

    It’s jesy, and if your gonna stan little mix, you gotta like all of them

  45. Zsolt Vágvölgyi

    Zsolt VágvölgyiHace 7 días

    cool video

  46. Arini Nur

    Arini NurHace 7 días

    Little mix best girl group forever

  47. wasabigguk

    wasabiggukHace 7 días


  48. Aline Rocha - Variedades

    Aline Rocha - VariedadesHace 8 días

    Pessoal, meu canal é novo. Me ajudem ele crescer seguindo ele. Vamos dar uma forcinha ai. Obrigada.

  49. Victoria _Isaqueen

    Victoria _IsaqueenHace 8 días

    5H and LM - queens of music and need to unite with all members! 💕💗💔 Camz , Jess come back ;(

  50. Nicola Bailey

    Nicola BaileyHace 8 días

    Your really good at singing girls

  51. Stationary Gurl

    Stationary GurlHace 8 días

    I’m your biggest fan

  52. Swemma Mkandawire

    Swemma MkandawireHace 8 días


  53. Melodie Dollente

    Melodie DollenteHace 9 días

    my sweet melodies is gone now,i wish the haters happy now look what you've done to my melodies,curse you all!!!

  54. Ng Zynon

    Ng ZynonHace 9 días

    Where is Jesy

  55. Emma Jones

    Emma JonesHace 5 días

    Left group

  56. Óscar Álvarez B

    Óscar Álvarez BHace 10 días

    I mean. Are they even human?

  57. Emily N

    Emily NHace 10 días

    Maybe Jesy will return one day?

  58. Psaume 119

    Psaume 119Hace 10 días


  59. Sunflower

    SunflowerHace 10 días

    These girls give me good vibes, they're so sweet

  60. NRG Clix

    NRG ClixHace 10 días

    were is jesy

  61. Lily

    LilyHace 10 días

    she was taking a break from the band then but now shes officially left

  62. Elena Shumanova

    Elena ShumanovaHace 10 días

    how can people say little mix is not the best girl group of the 10s when they perform like this?

  63. Seeret Kaur

    Seeret KaurHace 11 días

    Jesy was the base! She had the deep voice and I loved it

  64. Leili Sousa

    Leili SousaHace 11 días

    Jadeeeeeeeeee i love youuuuuuuuuuuu😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  65. Juli Villada

    Juli VilladaHace 12 días

    Leigh, Jade and Perrie can easilly succes without Jesy, i mean, it is sad because Jessy left and she was my favority, but come on, they look good, mixers, support please

  66. Addyson Slesser

    Addyson SlesserHace 9 días

    Yeah, they're definitely gonna kill it as a trio

  67. ajax

    ajaxHace 12 días

    Theory: they're performing in a pyramid because they already knew they're becoming a trio hence the three sides of a triangle

  68. ajax

    ajaxHace 11 días

    @Lee :( sorry to hurt your cute feelings

  69. Lee

    LeeHace 11 días

    Maybe you should stop thinking of theories

  70. Lady Ema

    Lady EmaHace 12 días

    I am EMa


    TÔ BÉLGICAHace 12 días

    :-) SM

  72. Djemilatou TOMAS

    Djemilatou TOMASHace 12 días

    Elle est ou votre coéquipière

  73. miss ty

    miss tyHace 12 días

    Jesy broke hurts 🥺

  74. Thank you

    Thank youHace 12 días

    wtf is Perry wearing.

  75. merafe assefa

    merafe assefaHace 12 días

    Jesy where the dimond for them

  76. Daisy S

    Daisy SHace 12 días

    OMG i love this band

  77. Neil Smith

    Neil SmithHace 12 días

    I love your videos and you

  78. Ziva David

    Ziva DavidHace 13 días

    Bruh...Jade's high note change had me shook

  79. Lavana Medel

    Lavana MedelHace 13 días

    I need another performance of Sweet Melody! So good

  80. Lavana Medel

    Lavana MedelHace 13 días

    A diferencia de muchos artistas Little Mix también canta durante los coros de sus canciones, lo hacen mientras bailan Y LO MEJOR ES QUE LOGRAN ARMONIZAR DE TODAS MANERAS !!! Son superiores.

  81. pooria rmd

    pooria rmdHace 13 días

    Cany wait for new era 😭😭😭❤❤❤❤

  82. Charli and addison fan page 1owner goal 10 k

    Charli and addison fan page 1owner goal 10 kHace 13 días

    Could we appreciate how there so brave to stay together and still use there beautiful singing voices without Jessie keep it up guys love you lot

  83. Zelia Freitas

    Zelia FreitasHace 13 días

    I will miss jessy

  84. Asmina B.

    Asmina B.Hace 14 días

    We love stable vocals whilst dancing queens

  85. Ed Reidy

    Ed ReidyHace 14 días

    The fact that they don’t have Jesy here,and there dancing amazingly,and that they r singing AMAZINGLY at the same TIME like WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

  86. Sayvon Markese

    Sayvon MarkeseHace 14 días

    Flight kik

  87. Demi Mendoza

    Demi MendozaHace 14 días

    I can't get enough if Jade's voice and beauty.

  88. Chua Coot

    Chua CootHace 14 días

    Love how they can really dance and sing like pop off

  89. So The Gamer

    So The GamerHace 14 días

    little mix isnt gonna be the same without jesy..but they will kill at as a trio!

  90. ᄋᄋ!

    ᄋᄋ!Hace 15 días


  91. Queen Forbes

    Queen ForbesHace 15 días

    Leigh Anne looks like a goddess

  92. Joelliana Z-Flip

    Joelliana Z-FlipHace 15 días

    3.2M View's Gurl This Deserves More View's 😑

  93. suzana alves

    suzana alvesHace 15 días

    Maçonic symbols everywhere. So controlled by the Iluminati...

  94. Aifa Ghinaya

    Aifa GhinayaHace 15 días


  95. Milan Jíra

    Milan JíraHace 15 días


  96. Normita Padrid

    Normita PadridHace 16 días

    Hi. Jade. Perry

  97. wwe creative

    wwe creativeHace 8 días

    Leigh’s Anne

  98. LM mixersツ

    LM mixersツHace 16 días

    Who is your favorite performances of Sweet melody!! The jonathan ross show Little mix the search MTV ema

  99. Gymnastics aloud

    Gymnastics aloudHace 6 días

    The search

  100. Valerie Tamatimu

    Valerie TamatimuHace 16 días

    I love them. Jade is slaying it!!!

  101. Bruno Oliver

    Bruno OliverHace 16 días

    Love that part: ddu-du ddu-du ddu-du ddu-du 😍

  102. Watch to Learn

    Watch to LearnHace 16 días

    They should be more bigger. But sadly Popularity doesnt equal talent. There s a popular group whos Just a product of hype and good marketing. They r so cringey to watch with mediocore talents but pretty. Just pretty. And they are popular than those whos more talented but lacks the marketing. Little Mix should be more popular with their crazy live vocals, dance moves and stage presence. Its a sad era for industry.. Just all hype and mediocore talent nowadays.

  103. Kaleb M

    Kaleb MHace 16 días

    They are good at singing

  104. lover one direction

    lover one directionHace 16 días

    Wow 😲 😲 😲 😲 😲 😲 😲 😲 😲

  105. Sara Khan

    Sara KhanHace 16 días

    Just me or jade looks more mature in this than ever...? And their vocals are so nice and on point even when they're dancing..WOW!

  106. I'm Kim Taehyung the invisible

    I'm Kim Taehyung the invisibleHace 17 días

    I am a casual fan but Jesy being not here doesn't affect much maybe little because ..all the girls in LM shine equally and voices are overall perfection though I hope one day they can be 4 again

  107. Elna Tero

    Elna TeroHace 17 días

    I love it

  108. Elna Tero

    Elna TeroHace 17 días

    Nice 🥰😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  109. Tiannah Pusey

    Tiannah PuseyHace 17 días


  110. Tra dang 904 Tik Tok fan

    Tra dang 904 Tik Tok fanHace 18 días

    Thank you very much, I have always dreamed of going to your concert, I love you little mix and thank you again, you made my biggest dream come true

  111. kely ly

    kely lyHace 18 días 在整個人類歷史上,強者,富人和具有狡猾特質的人捕食部落,氏族,城鎮,城市和鄉村中的弱者,無`'守和貧窮成員。然而,人類的生存意願迫使那些被拒絕,被剝奪或摧毀的基本需求的人們找到了一種生活方式,並繼續將其DNA融入不斷發展的人類社會。 說到食物,不要以為那些被拒絕的人只吃垃圾。相反,他們學會了在被忽視的肉類和蔬菜中尋找營養。他們學會了清潔,切塊,調味和慢燉慢燉的野菜和肉類,在食品市場上被忽略的部分家用蔬菜和肉類,並且學會了使用芳香的木煙(如山核桃,山核桃和豆科灌木 來調味食物煮的時候

  112. Sarah Kate

    Sarah KateHace 18 días

    Jesy 😭😭😭😭 please come back we all miss u so much and love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕💕


    STRAY CATTTHace 19 días

    I love you guys but auto tune was needed just a lil bit

  114. lalala

    lalalaHace 5 días

    lmaooo what

  115. Lily

    LilyHace 18 días

    no it wasn't

  116. Maria Fernanda

    Maria FernandaHace 19 días

    This is the consequences of bullying society! .Some people didn't like Jesy's body..,not her voice, and that was a constantly battle for her, because the comparison never are good, Never!!. So for that freaky people..Jesy leaves the band. Jesy want to live relax and happy just the way she is!! For that reason I hate bad people, I hate bullying!! I hope one day this freaky society change their insane mind forever!!. It is sad that Jesy has gone..she gives a kind of potential to the band..that..I she needs relax and be fine. So Go on girls!! Be brave!! And shine!!

  117. Avamax2fan

    Avamax2fanHace 19 días

    I bet jesy Is watching all the videos without her and misses them :(

  118. jad

    jadHace 19 días


  119. Sheirien Mangoe

    Sheirien MangoeHace 19 días

    Jade is queen. Her vocal, her dance, her energy, her vibes, her attitude all of this are awesome 😭❤️. Btw, i miss jesy a lot😭

  120. Sierra Star

    Sierra StarHace 3 días

    Such a queen 👑👑👑

  121. Pop Luna

    Pop LunaHace 20 días


  122. Octoyogi

    OctoyogiHace 20 días

    awesome performance .. i lov you all XD

  123. Robert Oneil

    Robert OneilHace 20 días

    I miss jessy


    HAZEL MURADZIKWAHace 21 un día

    Love it, u go Queens

  125. Jenny Jeon

    Jenny JeonHace 21 un día

    Their vocals are god-tier.