Little Mix - Sweet Melody [Live] | The Jonathan Ross Show

Little Mix - Sweet Melody (Live on The Jonathan Ross Show)
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  1. Fofy FLoRa

    Fofy FLoRaHace 2 horas

    And leigh anne killed me on his part as always

  2. Amelia Karan

    Amelia KaranHace 15 horas

    This my fav song anyone else’s Me: jamming to the song while typing this

  3. Vitória Gomes

    Vitória GomesHace 15 horas

    leigh-anne pise na minha cara!

  4. Tšüŷü Úüī

    Tšüŷü ÚüīHace 16 horas

    i watched this on TV with my mum :)

  5. Sammie Smith

    Sammie SmithHace 16 horas

    😭😭😭I hope jesy comes back if she doesn't I guess little mix won't be little mix

  6. -Amber-

    -Amber-Hace 18 horas

    I’m glad that little mix aren’t just giving up and carrying on. Just the three of them. 💖

  7. Jonilson Souza

    Jonilson SouzaHace 18 horas


  8. Mister Karotti

    Mister KarottiHace 20 horas

    and jesy

  9. mi ran da

    mi ran daHace un día

    veo esta presentación al menos 3 veces al día

  10. Zefanya Wowor

    Zefanya WoworHace un día


  11. Young Uniters

    Young UnitersHace un día

    Rainhas da porra toda

  12. Se Vira com Isa Moraes

    Se Vira com Isa MoraesHace un día

    Amooooooooo 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏❤❤❤

  13. Jung Hyerin

    Jung HyerinHace un día

    Perrie ❤️❤️❤️

  14. Chloe Rolfe

    Chloe RolfeHace un día

    the only people that don't fake there voices

  15. Tabitha Wilson

    Tabitha WilsonHace un día

    I miss Jesy so much but it's amazing, how they held together. With or without Jesy they are still sisters, all 4. I mean they are still in vontact with her and that makes me happy🥰

  16. Walker & Mixer

    Walker & MixerHace un día

    Really better then original

  17. Meera Singh

    Meera SinghHace 2 días

    Everyone agrees that perre looks better with bangs

  18. Rosario Angeles mendoza

    Rosario Angeles mendozaHace 2 días

    3:06 la mejor parte

  19. TéJean Woolery

    TéJean WooleryHace 2 días

    She use to sing me sweet melody she played me made me believe it was real love but the day she did me wrong the song couldn't go on and on and on

  20. Rodger

    RodgerHace 2 días

    Leigh-Anne's high notes 😭

  21. Maria Nerylene Magpugay

    Maria Nerylene MagpugayHace 2 días

    I will support little mix and Jesy!!! This is a statement.

  22. Kyle Martinez

    Kyle MartinezHace 2 días

    They actually having fun in water sadly if jesy were there too😢❤❤❤✌

  23. Bubbles

    BubblesHace 3 días

    Love them, but it also doesnt feel right without Jesy. I hope she feels better soon. This trio performance was amazing

  24. Zoe Enslin

    Zoe EnslinHace 3 días

    Where is the 4th member

  25. pati xx

    pati xxHace 2 días

    She left the band

  26. More Castillo

    More CastilloHace 3 días

    falta una, no?

  27. More Castillo

    More CastilloHace 9 horas


  28. mi ran da

    mi ran daHace un día

    dejo el grupo hace unos meses😣

  29. punkrockhoe

    punkrockhoeHace 3 días

    Ojalá sus coreografías fueran un poco más complejas. Ellas bailan y sincronizan excelentemente, pero en las partes en que sólo están en su lugar me sacan un poco de onda jaja. Pero las amo y las apoyo hasta el final 💜

  30. Erin McCune

    Erin McCuneHace 3 días

    Sweet Melody choreo is Leigh Anne's JAM! All three will continue to kill as a trio, us Mixers will support whatever is in store for Jesy next as well as this trio now.....every Sweet Melody performance I can't take my eyes off Leigh Anne though! She eats this choreo like it's her favorite thing in the entire world! I love it....of course Jade and Perrie kill it too, and all three voices are insane....That's just fact....just have to shout out Leigh Anne here!

  31. Kirsten Ruiz

    Kirsten RuizHace 3 días

    Jade's swag is just something 😭😍😭😍😭😍

  32. Joakim Baba

    Joakim BabaHace 3 días

    they do improvise their notes from the song

  33. LM mixersツ

    LM mixersツHace 4 días


  34. Sella Camelia

    Sella CameliaHace 4 días

    Jade so beautiful 🥰

  35. Meera Singh

    Meera SinghHace 4 días


  36. tiktok world

    tiktok worldHace 4 días

    I miss Jessi

  37. Antoi Kirs

    Antoi KirsHace 4 días

    Jesy just could not cope but groups do not really last as soon as 1 leaves then with time group will go their separate ways like 1D Zayn left and it was just time before the rest of the group goes too sad really

  38. mi ran da

    mi ran daHace un día

    little mix is not like 1d💀

  39. pati xx

    pati xxHace 2 días

    Don't compare 1D to Little Mix because these are two different groups.

  40. Victoria _Isaqueen

    Victoria _IsaqueenHace 4 días

    Little mix- UK's best girl gourp Fifth harmony- US's best girl gourp Mixed harmony- THE WHOLE UNIVERSE BEST GIRL GOURP Fifth harmony and little mix RULE 💞

  41. Kieran

    KieranHace 4 días

    Miming at its best, love it!


    DO U KNOW WHATHace 4 días

    And now they look better than before

  43. Δημητρα Στογιαννη

    Δημητρα ΣτογιαννηHace 4 días

    Oh wow

  44. Phyo Thiri

    Phyo ThiriHace 4 días

    jesy quit

  45. iielephant_arxy

    iielephant_arxyHace 4 días

    but on my birthday i saw u on stage all of u and i loved all of u

  46. iielephant_arxy

    iielephant_arxyHace 4 días

    i was crying when jessy left

  47. Caryl Tek-ing

    Caryl Tek-ingHace 5 días

    As much as I love how they slayed it as a trio, it's still not the same without Jesse. The four of them were legend divas. Stilll supporting them tho.

  48. belen constanza

    belen constanzaHace 5 días

    They look a little strage without jesy

  49. Lionel Charles

    Lionel CharlesHace 6 días

    I love this song and so does my bfffff

  50. Lionel Charles

    Lionel CharlesHace 6 días

    I love this song and so does

  51. Lionel Charles

    Lionel CharlesHace 6 días

    I lov

  52. Svea

    SveaHace 6 días


  53. Svea

    SveaHace 6 días


  54. Zetty Syazleen

    Zetty SyazleenHace 6 días

    Did y'all realize how they weren't permanent anyone to do jesy's part? Like every different performances it would be Jade then Leigh n then perrie. Like anyone couldn't be perfect for jesy's.

  55. Anesah Faruk

    Anesah FarukHace un día

    @Sakshi Rangera no it’s not, it’s to equally distribute it as it’s going to be permanent now, covering it is a different story things, these are there lines now so they’re gonna make it equal

  56. Sakshi Rangera

    Sakshi RangeraHace 2 días

    Its just bcoz they r show respect to her by not singing her whole part alone but they are sharing her part . Nothing else



    Jesy watching this like:😚😚😚 my gurlsss 4 life

  58. Gabriela Ramos do nacimento

    Gabriela Ramos do nacimentoHace 6 días


  59. Daniel D.

    Daniel D.Hace 6 días

    To be honest I can’t wait for them to perform at Brit Awards show or anything like that (like they did in the past for black magic) !!! 🥰

  60. AE .4

    AE .4Hace 6 días

    I didn't miss jesy.. I'm sorry I'm not saying that cuz of hate I'm saying that cuz they SLAYED!!!!!

  61. J COMS

    J COMSHace 6 días

    Ever wonder how magical this performance would be with a kpop camerawork...

  62. Jovin Zafra

    Jovin ZafraHace 6 días

    I need that ring light!

  63. Zehra Bal

    Zehra BalHace 6 días

    fav performance


    KIM JISOOHace 7 días

    طيب هم مو كانو اربعه🦦💔؟؟

  65. anthony moura

    anthony mouraHace 7 días


  66. Imane Elle Wardi

    Imane Elle WardiHace 7 días

    Just woow🤯

  67. Calli prankster Menga

    Calli prankster MengaHace 7 días

    They are not right without jessy

  68. dee grimes

    dee grimesHace 7 días

    I think her name is Jessie

  69. pati xx

    pati xxHace 2 días


  70. dee grimes

    dee grimesHace 7 días

    I miss Jessie

  71. Tani Okonji

    Tani OkonjiHace 7 días

    Excuse me you can sing wearing very well💖💖💖

  72. Jell bdb

    Jell bdbHace 7 días


  73. Tiger Lily

    Tiger LilyHace 7 días


  74. Tiger Lily

    Tiger LilyHace 7 días


  75. Emilia Morales

    Emilia MoralesHace 8 días

    This performance is insane 😍😍🥰

  76. M A

    M AHace 8 días

    LeighAnne is a georgious specimen.

  77. Walker & Mixer

    Walker & MixerHace 8 días

    No one is talking about little mix everyone is talking about jade, Leigh and Perrie 🤔🤔😂🤣😎😂🤣

  78. SlothBaby425

    SlothBaby425Hace 8 días

    I love little mix! But I am sad that Jesy left, they are such a good team and of course they are still good now but I feel like they are better as a four member group. I’m sad that their leader left

  79. Svea

    SveaHace 7 días

    jesy was not the leader, little mix doesnt have a leader

  80. Nuncio MG

    Nuncio MGHace 8 días

    I miss Jesy, she is so sweet and sexy, love u Jesy

  81. Ebony-mae Holmes

    Ebony-mae HolmesHace 8 días

    No offence but this is awful without jesy

  82. 12.Ritika 9D

    12.Ritika 9DHace 8 días

    this is we miss you jesy button

  83. 12.Ritika 9D

    12.Ritika 9DHace 8 días

    Jade, Perrie, and Leigh-Anne can definitely be successful as a trio. They did amazing here! Obviously it’s sad jesy left but we have to support the girls because jesy wants them to continue with their dream. We got this Mixers!

  84. wormboy42

    wormboy42Hace 9 días

    ok i'm about to stan

  85. Heather Pion

    Heather PionHace 9 días

    Am I the only one that is a little upset the choreo isn’t the same as the MV

  86. Melvin Tiboc

    Melvin TibocHace 9 días

    Live singing baby!!!! ,❤️

  87. Scarlett Pezzani

    Scarlett PezzaniHace 9 días

    It doesn’t look normal without Jessie

  88. Camille Antony mootoo

    Camille Antony mootooHace 9 días


  89. Camille Antony mootoo

    Camille Antony mootooHace 9 días


  90. Risa Yu

    Risa YuHace 9 días

    i want mamamoo and little mix to collab 😭🙏🏻

  91. TodorokiUwU

    TodorokiUwUHace 9 días

    Honestly if little mix was a kpop girl grp I would say(in my opinion if without jesy 😩): Main Vocal - Jade Main Dancer - Leigh-Anne Visual - Perrie But I love them all 🛐🛐

  92. TodorokiUwU

    TodorokiUwUHace 2 días

    @Joanna well then so what? If u don't like what I've commented, u shouldn't have needed to comment on the first place. Yk you'll just offend the person instead and u say taht I'm not thinking properly? Ur saying that "this comment is one of the reasons why jesy left the grp" when I don't mean to hate on her or violate. Basically Ur saying that I'm making jesy feel gone or left out or make me sound like I hate her or smth lol

  93. Joanna

    JoannaHace 2 días

    @TodorokiUwU But no one is saying here that you try to 'violate or hate on lm' what the hell 🤦🏻‍♀️ you just can't read (or think properly)...and that's the problem, not mine 'misinterpretation'. All i'm saying is that even an IDEA of putting LM (or any western artist) into kpop standards is dumb.

  94. TodorokiUwU

    TodorokiUwUHace 4 días

    @Joanna I'm just saying that Ur interpretation of me is wrong. I don't mean to violate or hate on anyone in little mix. I'm just a random person out here trying to share my thoughts of what I was thinking abt and that's all

  95. Joanna

    JoannaHace 4 días

    @TodorokiUwU LM: stands for girl power, equality, speaks openly bout bullying and unrealistic beauty standards in the music industry Meanwhile some online kpoper: 'if there were a kpop group...' It's like the opposite of what they are about. Sorry for you if you still don't get it. I won't be talking to the wall anymore...

  96. TodorokiUwU

    TodorokiUwUHace 4 días

    @Joanna sis I nvr even think abt that. I didn't even assumed anyth. And Ur the one assuming that I had a bad intention. What I'm saying for the UK visuals is taht what I think the UK beauty standards would be and I think Perrie might take teh role as the visual but I'm not saying the rest are ugly but I love all of them and they are all pretty.

  97. Ezgi Cetiner

    Ezgi CetinerHace 9 días

    Jesy leaves little mix 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  98. Ezgi Cetiner

    Ezgi CetinerHace 9 días

    Pls com back Jesy pls

  99. Khongorzul Altangerel

    Khongorzul AltangerelHace 9 días

    This song plays every single day at work (retail), but I still come here to listen to this lol.

  100. Niamh Riley

    Niamh RileyHace 10 días

    Flash warning and ilysm xxx ⚠️❤️

  101. Mustafa Cemre

    Mustafa CemreHace 10 días


  102. sarah bird

    sarah birdHace 10 días

    OMG I'M YOUR BIGGEST FAN EVER 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😂😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  103. Jojo Jojo

    Jojo JojoHace 11 días

    Perrie my loveeeeee

  104. Alyaxy Ali

    Alyaxy AliHace 11 días


  105. 20 Ice

    20 IceHace 11 días

    Leigh-Anne @ 2:40 😍🔥🔥🔥

  106. Naomi Ramos

    Naomi RamosHace 11 días

    Me parece solo a mí o es que de verdad se nota la ausencia de Jesy? 😔 (me refiero en la melodía)

  107. Leili Sousa

    Leili SousaHace 11 días

    Jade i love you😍😍😍

  108. LadyWrld

    LadyWrldHace 11 días

    Never will stop watching this

  109. Lorin duman

    Lorin dumanHace 11 días

    I miss jesy

  110. Babaciga

    BabacigaHace 11 días

    Jesy,I miss you girl :(

  111. F. Haziq

    F. HaziqHace 11 días

    I just hope little mix will keep going even without Jesy

  112. TiNa

    TiNaHace 11 días

    Me: Patiently waits for a Blackpink and Little Mix collaboration that's going to blow the world...

  113. phantom head

    phantom headHace un día

    More to little mix for their superb vocals👍

  114. Aven Roth Black9Law

    Aven Roth Black9LawHace 11 días

    what about electrocution?

  115. Agnibel. A

    Agnibel. AHace 12 días


  116. Miriam MM

    Miriam MMHace 12 días


  117. Kenneth Secadron

    Kenneth SecadronHace 12 días

    You can still hear Jesy's voice on the 'dududururudu' part 😱

  118. Mixer123 Yeah

    Mixer123 YeahHace 12 días


  119. James wallace

    James wallaceHace 12 días

    Jessy will be so proud of everyone and jessy left because her health and its not her fault and just remember jessy will be remembered by her funny personality