Little Mix - Sweet Melody (Official Vertical Video)

Music video by Little Mix performing Sweet Melody (Official Vertical Video). (C) 2020 Under Exclusive Licence to RCA, a division of Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited


  1. James Norton

    James NortonHace 2 horas

    what is the code

  2. Se Vira com Isa Moraes

    Se Vira com Isa MoraesHace un día


  3. Se Vira com Isa Moraes

    Se Vira com Isa MoraesHace un día


  4. Se Vira com Isa Moraes

    Se Vira com Isa MoraesHace un día

    Lindas amooooo

  5. Betsy Hewis

    Betsy HewisHace un día

    Jesy we still do think about you

  6. KittenxKrazy

    KittenxKrazyHace 2 días

    Okay but is no one gonna bring up that the beat they do throughout is the pirates of the Caribbean theme tune? 😆

  7. Beyza K

    Beyza KHace 3 días

    Use this if you are from turkey

  8. Lewis dryburgh

    Lewis dryburghHace 3 días

    I love you so much I wode died to see you live agane I haven't seen you live sinse I was 6 years old

  9. Hettie Petra

    Hettie PetraHace 3 días

    Thank god jesy left, she was dead weight 🥴

  10. agedashi dubu

    agedashi dubuHace 2 días

    you wish, this song showcased all of the girls, including jesy's, vocals and ad-libs

  11. Tash Watson

    Tash WatsonHace 5 días

    The chorus is my favourite part of this song and also the moment when Leigh-Anne sings her part while the harmiones vocalising in the background gives me goosebumps. I like it.

  12. Frank Carmona

    Frank CarmonaHace 7 días

    Ai no, está mui pr0voc3tiv0 este vidio, 🥵

  13. Lavana Medel

    Lavana MedelHace 10 días

    They are so beautiful

  14. Elifnaz Darama

    Elifnaz DaramaHace 10 días

    👍🏻❤️👍🏻❤️ very good

  15. Monaliza Sangma

    Monaliza SangmaHace 10 días


  16. Lavana Medel

    Lavana MedelHace 11 días

    Song of 2020, argue with the wall

  17. honey tea

    honey teaHace 12 días

    Yup queens

  18. Holly Wilson

    Holly WilsonHace 12 días

    My jesy baby......😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  19. Clare Morris

    Clare MorrisHace 13 días

    Love you little mix! Gonna miss you Jess!💖✨

  20. Guy Tombs

    Guy TombsHace 14 días

    I love little mix

  21. Zahrine Jasmine

    Zahrine JasmineHace 14 días

    I got a lot of little mix wallpaper thank you :>

  22. jimin chimmy

    jimin chimmyHace 16 días


  23. Francis Patiag

    Francis PatiagHace 16 días

    Low quality but still... they're slayin'!!!!

  24. Yashaswini Tandon

    Yashaswini TandonHace 19 días

    Whosoever comes up with the idea of vertical videos, Thanx hun you did a great job!

  25. Aylar Erfanian

    Aylar ErfanianHace 19 días

    This vertical needs more attention it is really beautiful

  26. XxRURTOxX YT

    XxRURTOxX YTHace 19 días

    Ets2 radio pc ❤️😀

  27. Mission: The Groom

    Mission: The GroomHace 20 días

    Leigh anne = queen 👸🏾 Perrie = queen 👸🏼 Jade =queen 👸🏽 Jesy = still queen 👸🏽 QUEEN MIX !

  28. Cath Herr

    Cath HerrHace 21 un día

    Duu-du-du-duu-du-duu-du-du-du-duu-du-du-duuu he used to sing me sweet melodiesss T . T

  29. monsterjambrony

    monsterjambronyHace 23 días

    2021 marks the 10th anniversary of Little Mix!

  30. Georgina October

    Georgina OctoberHace 24 días

    i miss jesyyyyy :(

  31. life sucks

    life sucksHace 24 días

    honestly little mix vertical videos deserve the world

  32. Junah Graf

    Junah GrafHace 24 días

    I will miss Jesy😭😭😭

  33. itsjust katie

    itsjust katieHace 26 días


  34. Natalie Finegan

    Natalie FineganHace 28 días


  35. Aaliyah Lunt

    Aaliyah LuntHace 29 días

    Sorry to disturbe u guys @littlemix but did jessy leave she was amazing she was not fat she was just perfect and i went to ur last concert in 2019 october on tuesday i really loved it hopefully u guys do a conert after covid and if u do then im defo going ily guys bye byee

  36. Little Mixer

    Little MixerHace 29 días

    I LOVE these girls ❤️

  37. Šimon Janík

    Šimon JaníkHace 29 días

    Let's all wear our hair down and don't tell Leigh-anne

  38. Monaliza Sangma

    Monaliza SangmaHace un mes


  39. Charlize Lopez

    Charlize LopezHace un mes

    euphoria vibes?

  40. killboy 53c

    killboy 53cHace un mes


  41. Zarox

    ZaroxHace un mes

    This song makes me hype


    BEŞİKTAŞ JKHace un mes

    Ya bu şarkıyı çok sevdim I like very much this song I am Turkısh

  43. Josyane Reis

    Josyane ReisHace un mes

    We love you Jesy forever ❤️

  44. Cristina Asavei

    Cristina AsaveiHace un mes

    Who's here after Jesy leaves? Who misses her? I miss her so much! I'm so sorry she left! But she did this for her and for her mental health! Thank you so much for these wonderful nine years! We love you so much! For Jesy!!! 😭😭😭💓 Once again thank you! Please give like! (I'm not begging!)

  45. Mina Nabil

    Mina NabilHace un mes

    Why do i like this more than the original video

  46. Natalie Finegan

    Natalie FineganHace un mes


  47. Gracjan Roblox szkatulka

    Gracjan Roblox szkatulkaHace un mes


  48. Mason Harris

    Mason HarrisHace un mes

    I love Little Mix thank you girls for having me as a guest at The Mixers Salute Party where I gave my crush Jade Thirlwall some flowers after the livestream finished. I’m so proud at every single one of you of how far you have come and grown. Jesy I feel really sorry for you because your such a lovely down to earth talented girl and I know what it’s like to be bullied because I have autism and was bullied throughout my school life and in my teens and when Little Mix formed it helped me get through my life and express myself with your music. You currently follow my old Twitter account @63Mason and I’m a former radio presenter from Leicester so can you follow my new Twitter account (@MasonHa63) also mixers I will follow you back too love you all and look after yourself Jesy don’t do anything to harm yourself babe xxxx

  49. Svea

    SveaHace un mes


  50. Suzanne Ward

    Suzanne WardHace un mes

    2.32 - 2.56 best part of the song

  51. Jiann Wui Foo

    Jiann Wui FooHace un mes

    Can't get enough of this song.

  52. Juanita

    JuanitaHace un mes

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  53. Jade Matias Leandro

    Jade Matias LeandroHace un mes

    Perfect 😍

  54. James Barker

    James BarkerHace un mes

    Please come back Jesy 😢😢😢😭😭

  55. nathan yuh

    nathan yuhHace un mes

    hope she will soon

  56. Angel Morales

    Angel MoralesHace un mes


  57. Karen .Valenzuela

    Karen .ValenzuelaHace un mes

    Queens of the decade THE BIGGEST GIRLBAND !!!

  58. nathan yuh

    nathan yuhHace un mes

    yup couldnt agree more

  59. Maisie West

    Maisie WestHace un mes

    Why does everyone have to give Jesy so much hate I don’t get why she is soo sweet and beautiful I don’t get why u have to all of the little mix people are beautiful in there own ways so everyone stop being rude to jesy i was crying when I heard she left bc of her metal health so pls don’t give her hate ❤️

  60. Ahri TheNineTailedFox

    Ahri TheNineTailedFoxHace un mes


  61. Ebony H

    Ebony HHace un mes

    I miss jessy

  62. nathan yuh

    nathan yuhHace un mes


  63. Amber Nectar

    Amber NectarHace un mes

    Standards have dropped. Rubbing hair nonsense.

  64. Scott Bridge

    Scott BridgeHace un mes

    This is for you penny l love you so much and Tommy l have your birthday and Christmas presents and Timmy's

  65. Carol Lyn

    Carol LynHace un mes

    Oh my Jesy 😍 You're so beautiful ☺️

  66. Gsm Gsm

    Gsm GsmHace un mes

    Hi ! My baby i miss u so mach i love u ! 😘😘😘🤗🤗🤗😍😍😍😋😋😋😜🥰🥰🥰🤫😴👼👅💋💋💋💓💘💖 john ling

  67. emma Roberts

    emma RobertsHace un mes

    Jessy my thoughts are with you, little mix youve helped me in so many ways, hope u come back jess but for now it's a 3 and still awesome xx

  68. ayda pourfthi

    ayda pourfthiHace un mes


  69. ayda pourfthi

    ayda pourfthiHace un mes


  70. ayda pourfthi

    ayda pourfthiHace un mes


  71. ayda pourfthi

    ayda pourfthiHace un mes

    Love you from Iran

  72. Dangerdebbs

    DangerdebbsHace un mes

    Put back on Spotify

  73. Angel Morales

    Angel MoralesHace un mes

    Dsuarez410152012 my mind is an not even in this world and it in my a life few lot like that and I to you 💔 I have 🌈🛴🛴🛴🛴🛴🛑🛴🛑🛑🛴🛴🛴🛴🛴🛴🛴🛴🛴🛴🛴🛴🛴🛴🛴🛴

  74. Uncle T. 2021

    Uncle T. 2021Hace un mes

    I like the lyrics. Girls can relate to this. How many times do they bump into guy who talk the talk but don't go the distance. If a guy admires you for you then he's a keeper, but if he brags about how great he thinks he is then he's just a f*** toy with cheap batteries:fun while it lasts but it won't last for long.

  75. Uncle T. 2021

    Uncle T. 2021Hace un mes

    Much better than their last single. Keep it up lm.

  76. Sylvie Marcotte

    Sylvie MarcotteHace un mes

    Nice music 🎶 👌 👏 👍♥❤ 👍 ♥ 🎶

  77. Franz Ezekiel

    Franz EzekielHace un mes

    Waiting for Jesy’s comeback🥺

  78. Char Dizz

    Char DizzHace un mes

    I love this song, and it finally got to number 1 in the charts❤

  79. Ify Obiesie

    Ify ObiesieHace un mes

    This song is good

  80. Mhike Velasco

    Mhike VelascoHace un mes


  81. Trending news block

    Trending news blockHace un mes

  82. :*Little mix Fanʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    :*Little mix Fanʕ•ᴥ•ʔHace un mes

    Sing sweet melodies Do do do do do do do do

  83. Daniela Culora

    Daniela CuloraHace un mes

    BUY Sweet Melody to get it to number one in the UK xxx

  84. George Beasley

    George BeasleyHace un mes

    Sweet melody and no time for tears are only 59p on iTunes

  85. who am i

    who am iHace un mes

    the vocals of this somg omfg 😭❤️

  86. nathan yuh

    nathan yuhHace un mes


  87. Kerry Bruce

    Kerry BruceHace un mes


  88. Lylet Palma

    Lylet PalmaHace un mes


  89. Nicke lodeon

    Nicke lodeonHace un mes

    I love you little mix

  90. nathan yuh

    nathan yuhHace un mes


  91. Kami Vlogs

    Kami VlogsHace un mes

    After I found out that Jesy was leaving the group, I was so sad. I still can't believe that in 2020, people were still hating on her. If you are reading this Jesy, then I want you to know that you are beautiful and have an amazing and talented voice. People are only hating on Jesy because Jesy is a reflection of what they want to be( A beautiful, talented, and nice woman). I understand and respect your decision of leaving the group, but I hope that when your all better you will be able to return to the group. I give you all my support and respect Jesy❤, I hope you will come back too😊

  92. Moonlightstars Plays

    Moonlightstars PlaysHace un mes

    @summerand strawbarry so true she is really sweet

  93. Hollyoaks Spoiler

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    ΓΙΩΡΓΟΣ ΧΡΗΣΤΟΥHace un mes

    We Love jesy please come back

  95. Andreea Blidaru

    Andreea BlidaruHace un mes

    Guys get something sweet to eat and LET'S STREAM SWEET MELODY.

  96. nathan yuh

    nathan yuhHace un mes

    yay lets stream guys

  97. Angela Foley

    Angela FoleyHace un mes

    Is it just me because I see jesy

  98. Big Rob

    Big RobHace un mes

    Like you

  99. N29sss

    N29sssHace un mes

    I put this vertical video in my reaction it’s pretty epic and fun!!! Check it out mixers!!!

  100. Rafael Meneguesso

    Rafael MeneguessoHace un mes


  101. Lils Hub

    Lils HubHace un mes


  102. Halimatus Saadiah

    Halimatus SaadiahHace un mes

    Whos jessy

  103. Jenny Aguilar

    Jenny AguilarHace un mes

  104. LittleMixer x

    LittleMixer xHace un mes

    *MIXERS LISTEN UP* DO NOT STOP STR3AMING SWEET MELODY, ON ALL PLATFORMS!! WE ARE SO CLOSE IN THE UK TO LITTLE MIX getting their next number one!! The first number 1 of the year!! They deserve it more than anyone in the game! So please str3am str3am str3am!! On *Monday 4th Jan* we are going to trend *BUY SWEET MELODY ON ITUNES & mass buy SWEET MELODY from Confetti & CONFETTI Expanded Edition, remixes* etc. Trend starts at 3pm - UK 10am - New York 6pm - Turkey 4pm - France & Spain 7am - LA 12pm - Brazil 8.30pm - India 11pm - Manila 1.30am - Australia Please buy all you can if you can, even just 1 song if you cannot buy all 9. We can do this mixers. *If you can't buy anything then please just str3am on Spotify or here with the music video* copy and paste this into the comment section of LM music videos please mixers Xoxoxo

  105. nathan yuh

    nathan yuhHace un mes

    just a reminder streaming party is happening NOW

  106. Bella UniSquad

    Bella UniSquadHace un mes


  107. Ellierouge Simeon

    Ellierouge SimeonHace un mes

    :( why, you can just ignore them there all bad people,that's why it's called little mix little MIX it's mix of girl group,jesy deserve to be like that and I know jesy is the most sexy in the group cause she has abs #wemissyoujesy #getwellsoon #iwanttolisteninyourvoiceagain

  108. Olivia’s - Editzz

    Olivia’s - EditzzHace un mes


  109. Ahri TheNineTailedFox

    Ahri TheNineTailedFoxHace un mes

    We love u and we miss u jesy and ofc we are excited for trio mix! And jesy’s future solo projects!