Little Mix - Touch (Live from The Today Show)

Music video by Little Mix performing Touch. (C) 2017 Simco Limited under exclusive license to Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited


  1. Sincere

    SincereHace 7 meses

    okay but is anyone else as obsessed as I am with Jesy’s look in this performance? 🥵

  2. Jorge Coronilla

    Jorge CoronillaHace 7 meses

    I’m the girl in the audience tou her herself

  3. Rachel Hornyak

    Rachel HornyakHace 11 meses

    they look FLAWLESS but I just can’t take my eyes of jade omg she is everything

  4. hans and only hans

    hans and only hansHace un año

    Jade at 2:14 got me gay as FUCK Edit: okay, jade everything in this video got me gay af

  5. Zayn Malik's Girl

    Zayn Malik's GirlHace 2 años

    Flops don't deserve to be on the Today show.

  6. Jade Louis Lauren

    Jade Louis LaurenHace un año

    Zayn Malik's Girl there not flops, I think they’re starting to rise in America

  7. Indie

    IndieHace 2 años

    Leigh Anne got so much better like I’m so proud of my baby!

  8. The cool Girls

    The cool GirlsHace 2 años

    2:07 jade's like too close

  9. Robert Lucas

    Robert LucasHace 2 años

    Love your hair

  10. Kiera Desai

    Kiera DesaiHace 2 años

    this is my fave song by them

  11. Perrie Facts

    Perrie FactsHace 2 años

    so like, nobody noticed Jesy's bra was out in the beginning?

  12. Carolina Tacoss

    Carolina TacossHace 2 años

    Umm just sayin at 1:44 u can see jesy’s bra no hate

  13. little_mix_perrie wings

    little_mix_perrie wingsHace 2 años


  14. little_mix_perrie wings

    little_mix_perrie wingsHace 2 años


  15. Damisola Adedeji

    Damisola AdedejiHace 2 años

    This is my favorite song by LM. SLAY QUEENS!!!!!

  16. amber murray jenkins

    amber murray jenkinsHace 2 años

    I am the queen of my class

  17. Jesi Grande

    Jesi GrandeHace 2 años

    3:24 the whisper omg 😂

  18. Oishe Barua

    Oishe BaruaHace 2 años

    The group that actually sounds lit live.

  19. Ahnia Sado

    Ahnia SadoHace 3 años

    have fun little mix

  20. Gabby Omega

    Gabby OmegaHace 3 años

    Great :D

  21. Brandon_4th Ave

    Brandon_4th AveHace 3 años

    Perie is Beyonce and Jade is Kelly Rowland. The others...

  22. Ay'jaye Harrison

    Ay'jaye HarrisonHace 2 años

    Day Will Come no thank you

  23. Natalie Martinez

    Natalie MartinezHace 3 años

    Does anyone else think jesy looks SOOO amazing in pink

  24. Daily Dose With Dayah

    Daily Dose With DayahHace 3 años

    Just A Touch of your love is enough to make me knock the shit outta you nigga got rabbies.

  25. Deanna Martinez

    Deanna MartinezHace 3 años


  26. Rebecca Kirby

    Rebecca KirbyHace 3 años

    Jesse looks absolutely incredible here just gorgeous

  27. Randy Escobedo

    Randy EscobedoHace 3 años

    We all love there vocals

  28. Rosorial

    RosorialHace 3 años

    Calling these gals AWESOME is an understatement!

  29. Jillian Claire

    Jillian ClaireHace 3 años

    y'all ever think Zayn watches their videos sometimes? 🤔 like he's in his house most of the time right while GiGi is out doing her modeling and he just watched Perrie and thinks about the life they could have had and idk

  30. BeulaBellafonte

    BeulaBellafonteHace 3 años

    They are literally one of the very few musical groups where all the members are lead singer material. There isn't one who's more Beyoncé or Nicole Scherzinger than the rest. I love it!

  31. wildhopeXx

    wildhopeXxHace 2 años

    Yes exactly! One of the many reasons I love them so much.

  32. Nadia M

    Nadia MHace 3 años

    Perrie looks thick thick thick and I love it 💜💜💜

  33. The UFB

    The UFBHace 3 años

    Ohh my god perrie and jade!!!! slay!!!! Ur vocals are on fireeee!!!!!!!!

  34. Amy Nguyen

    Amy NguyenHace 3 años

    lets all wear pink and not tell leigh

  35. Crispin rodriguez

    Crispin rodriguezHace 3 años


  36. Samhauriah Bailey

    Samhauriah BaileyHace 3 años


  37. Liam Moore

    Liam MooreHace 3 años

    Does someone want perrie to look stupid because here her outfit looks bad and in the music video her outfit looks bad. GOSH

  38. Alexander -

    Alexander -Hace 3 años

    Sounding great!!

  39. Senjougahara 56

    Senjougahara 56Hace 3 años

    Never gets older....

  40. Raje Hudson

    Raje HudsonHace 3 años

    every time I watch this the host seems to be watching jesy

  41. Yazmine Allen

    Yazmine AllenHace 3 años

    poet hudson well shoot I would be too😂

  42. Tiana Webster

    Tiana WebsterHace 3 años

    the girl around 3:40 was really in TOUCH with herself but i feel her its a feel good song


    CHOCOLATE DONUTHace 3 años

    Leigh Anne SLAYED this performance

  44. Crispin rodriguez

    Crispin rodriguezHace 3 años

    jade 😍sounds better then perrie damn i love her so much❤❤❤

  45. Grace Anne

    Grace AnneHace 6 meses

    Crispin rodriguez why would you say that! They are 4 equally talented woman who are ALLLL outstanding in there own ways

  46. Magibeplaying

    MagibeplayingHace 3 años

    Little mix deserves more credit tbh

  47. JR III

    JR IIIHace 3 años

    Messed up they had 2 perform at kids choice awards lol.

  48. koolpebble

    koolpebbleHace 3 años

    I'd hate to be mean but I can't tell how each one of them look; they wear so much makeup.

  49. Rae0997 PLAYS ROBLOX

    Rae0997 PLAYS ROBLOXHace 3 años

    it is good

  50. Mikkah Cho

    Mikkah ChoHace 3 años

    lmao the happy birthday balloon

  51. carla martinez

    carla martinezHace 3 años

    the crowd was too fucking dead while they were performing. like if you agree

  52. Isatu Sesay

    Isatu SesayHace 3 años

    I bet for music vids they don't even use auto tune they are little so perfect what the hell 😍😘

  53. elconde francisco

    elconde franciscoHace 3 años

    Bianca,yareli Love you live from the today show............

  54. Niya Boo

    Niya BooHace 3 años

    I love you little mix😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  55. Alexis Hernandez

    Alexis HernandezHace 3 años

    Little Mix: The queens of using a small space as a stage 😂💞

  56. ROBLOX adventure and more

    ROBLOX adventure and moreHace 3 años

    Look at jest leg there is a line???? Or what is that well I still love little mix #lovelittlemixforever

  57. whoknows

    whoknowsHace 3 años


  58. Max Culley

    Max CulleyHace 3 años

    This performance was performed on the day of my birthday!

  59. Samantha Chisholm

    Samantha ChisholmHace 3 años

    I love every single one of them! They are all so beautiful!😊😇😍😘🙎

  60. Nöelle Nakku

    Nöelle NakkuHace 3 años

    Just posted my acoustic cover for "Touch". Hope you love it :)

  61. Colorx

    ColorxHace 3 años

    3:41 this child is being tortured by the men

  62. Ria Reneé

    Ria ReneéHace 3 años

    I love my talented babes so much idec if they're big in America or not. Fame doesn't matter to me as long as they're happy n healthy

  63. N Rahman

    N RahmanHace 3 años

    they are amaaaaazing live!

  64. Dara Kim

    Dara KimHace 3 años


  65. Liz Wagner

    Liz WagnerHace 3 años

    Come to coxsackie

  66. jack

    jackHace 3 años

    At least Perrie doesn't have to wear her body sack

  67. coconut ayen

    coconut ayenHace 3 años

    Anyone feel uncomfortable when the dancers grind on them? I do. I know it's part of the choreography, but to me, I'm not really use to that.

  68. UnstoppableDecay

    UnstoppableDecayHace 3 años

    This sounds auto tuned

  69. Linda Donnelly

    Linda DonnellyHace 3 años

    love you little mix

  70. Amy Nguyen

    Amy NguyenHace 3 años

    they put too much pressure in them but sounds gooooooddd!!!!!!

  71. tropical candyland

    tropical candylandHace 3 años

    Their outfits are always on fleek

  72. Random Tutorials

    Random TutorialsHace 3 años

    who just notice Jesy bra 1:42

  73. dj Revue

    dj RevueHace 3 años


  74. Bellamy Gray

    Bellamy GrayHace 3 años

    Anybody else notice they skipped a couple lines in the third verse?This is how it's meant to go "And now my whole week, my whole week is golden Can you see me glowing? That's how I feel And I'm not afraid to fade into emotions Cause I know that this could be something real" What happened to the other two lines?

  75. Miracle Mitchell

    Miracle MitchellHace 3 años

    I love this song

  76. Kadi Harden

    Kadi HardenHace 3 años

    Perries voice got me feel in some typa way😍

  77. angie10

    angie10Hace 3 años

    This is the first girl group I've seen that all of them have stunning voices and they can all dance, I hope they make it big here, they are amazing

  78. Sophia Wishes

    Sophia WishesHace 3 años

    They sound amazing live!

  79. You’reA _Drag

    You’reA _DragHace 3 años

    Who ever dresses perrie needs to be fired . Like now .

  80. Grace Anne

    Grace AnneHace 6 meses

    You’reA _Drag I love all of there looks! I don’t see a problem. Is that bad?🤨😂

  81. Yazmine Allen

    Yazmine AllenHace 3 años

    vincent jimenez 💀💀💀

  82. You’reA _Drag

    You’reA _DragHace 3 años

    And if she dresses herself, then girl . HIRE SOMEONE

  83. Tata

    TataHace 3 años

    such queens!!!!

  84. Taremee Snowman

    Taremee SnowmanHace 3 años

    The tour

  85. Taremee Snowman

    Taremee SnowmanHace 3 años

    I was there

  86. kylerMUSIC

    kylerMUSICHace 3 años

    Pez's look is so aesthetic (: ♥

  87. kylerMUSIC

    kylerMUSICHace 3 años

    So as Little Lei Lei

  88. Jazzie's World

    Jazzie's WorldHace 3 años

    until fifth Harmony sound like there albums live like they do. that's when we can talk

  89. rebekah sterling

    rebekah sterlingHace 3 años

    someone just give me Perries singing voice😍

  90. John Imossi

    John ImossiHace 3 años

    I guess no one actually understands the music industry. Pre recorded vocals. In other words, Lip Syncing. It's not hard to spot. Everyone is commenting how they sound perfect and are not out of breath. Well. Now you know why. I am not denying that they cannot sing, because I know they can. But this was not live.

  91. Raelynn

    RaelynnHace 3 años

    it was live. i was in the studio and i Heard it

  92. LittleTito

    LittleTitoHace 3 años

    Love the song but them live needs more work. There breathing is all over the place but they are gorgeous.

  93. Khloe Elizabeth

    Khloe ElizabethHace 3 años


  94. emily blunt

    emily bluntHace 3 años

    Literally, this version makes me feel like I'm there. I love it

  95. rymorymo

    rymorymoHace 3 años

    Honestly, Little Mix is too talented to not be headlining their own American tour.

  96. Mikayla Giles

    Mikayla GilesHace 3 años

    lets all wear PINK and not tell leigh

  97. Dorimar Rivera

    Dorimar RiveraHace 3 años

    Más que orgullosa estoy de las chicas

  98. Destiny H

    Destiny HHace 3 años

    I love how Jesy was wearing the boots she wore in the music video

  99. depressing derp

    depressing derpHace 3 años

    GOOD LUCK LITTLE MIX for the kids choice awards. Ive voted about a million times for you. Hope you win!!!!!!

  100. sherlyn Cortes

    sherlyn CortesHace 3 años


  101. sherlyn Cortes

    sherlyn CortesHace 3 años


  102. Hailey

    HaileyHace 3 años

    I love you Little Mix 😘

  103. honeymystic

    honeymysticHace 3 años

    your fans that bought tickets for your concert on the same day as your Kids Choice Awards are not happy with it!

  104. Anna 卌

    Anna 卌Hace 3 años

    1:38 Leigh-Ann and Jesy did the same thing with their microphones omg

  105. LaNiBabbii

    LaNiBabbiiHace 3 años

    Handsome male dancers!! And their vocals are so on point👌🏽👌🏽

  106. D D

    D DHace 3 años

    love this!!!!!

  107. Gabriella Jackson

    Gabriella JacksonHace 3 años

    Jade sounds amazing😍 (as usual)

  108. Raymond Navarro

    Raymond NavarroHace 3 años

    I love your sonigs😍😍

  109. Dose of Dami

    Dose of DamiHace 3 años

    My girls 😍

  110. Justsotalented

    JustsotalentedHace 3 años

    Jessy and Perrie both had risky tops but i love them all and i think they are fabulous and slay anyways and yass

  111. Xena Oliver

    Xena OliverHace 3 años

    I was there and they are even more beautiful in person!